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Second wave of naturalizations – New files in the Police

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Second wave of naturalizations - New files in the Police

A new wave of cases involving naturalization cases of foreign investors will be handed over to the Police within February for investigation for possible criminal offenses.

This emerges from information of “F” from a member of the Investigative Committee, who stated that most likely in early February, the Commission will provide the Attorney General with an interim report on a series of cases that he investigated and it seems that issues are emerging for investigation by the Police. This finding will not only be reported in cases from 2007 to 2013 as originally reported, but will also include cases where naturalizations were granted under Nikos Anastasiadis. The interim report does not rule out mentioning more than 10 cases that need a police investigation, as it seems that issues are to be investigated by the Authorities in order to clarify whether criminal offenses have been committed.

As it has been announced, the interim report will be made public, however, names and addresses will be removed from it as well, in order to protect personal data and not to endanger cases from any disappearance of data.

Meanwhile, the Investigative Committee opens its sessions to journalists, starting next Tuesday, where former Finance Minister Haris Georgiadis was invited to testify before it. Archbishop Chrysostomos and the President of the Republic will follow.

Moreover, the final conclusion of the Research Committee is expected to be issued before the parliamentary elections next May. As stated by the secretary general of AKEL Andros Kyprianou, on this issue had a telephone conversation with the chairman of the Committee Myronas Nikolatos, so that the result is not issued after the parliamentary elections, for obvious reasons. Mr. Nikolatos is said to have promised that the conclusion will be issued earlier than the parliamentary ones, since the third and last extension of the Commission's term will end anyway.

The day before yesterday, the issue of the investigations for three cases of naturalizations that emerged from Kalogirou's finding, were discussed, among other issues, in the Legal Service with police investigators. The investigations are at an advanced stage and developments are expected in the coming days. The Legal Service instructed on the further steps and actions to be taken in all three cases and a new consultation will be held soon.

The meeting also discussed the case of Al Jazeera's revelations in relation to naturalizations and the stage of the investigation. Police have again summoned British real estate agent Tony K. in a bid to persuade him to speak out about what he knows, given that Qatari journalists do not appear to want to be involved in legal proceedings.

Source: www.philenews.com

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