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See which hotels in Paphos participate in the plan of the Ministry of Tourism for subsidized holidays

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See which hotels in Paphos participate in the plan of the Ministry of Tourism for subsidized holidays

Forty-eight hotel units in the province of Paphos are participating in the plan of the Ministry of Tourism to strengthen domestic tourism, which expires on June 30, 2021 and starts again in early September and late November, as the President of the Paphos Hoteliers Association Thanos Michalis told KYPE.

Mr. Michailidis said that until June 7, “anxiety prevails” in the hotel industry, essentially waiting for the decisions of the British Government.

At this stage, he continued, bookings at Paphos hotels are low and hotel occupancy is extremely low with single digits. In relation to domestic tourism, he said that it moves mainly on weekends, while some relative traffic is expected in the three days of the flood, since there is similar interest.

Asked about this, Mr. Michailidis stated that today 15,000 beds are available in Paphos out of the 33,000 beds available in the province of Paphos. However, he noted that in mid-June, other hotel units are expected to reopen in the province.

The President of the Paphos Hoteliers Association stated that 2021 is extremely difficult to date, while May of this year is characterized as the worst month since May 2020. He also described the resumption of the market from the United Kingdom as important.

Moreover, in his statements to KYPE, the former president of the Paphos Hoteliers Association, Themis Filipidis, stated that this Plan, due to the pandemic, helped to restart the hotels that were closed. He added that the specific Plan is subsidized by the Government with 35%, noting that there is the opinion from the 4 and 5 star hotel units that this Plan does not even cover the operating costs of the hotel which are increased. Nevertheless, he added, it helps low-end hotels “and is therefore welcome”.

In relation to the English market, Mr. Filippidis stated that the hoteliers are waiting for the decisions of the British Government on June 7, on whether Cyprus will leave the orange category and will go to the green category. He also estimated that the influx of people from the English market will begin immediately, expressing, however, the position that there are still some difficulties, despite the good epidemiological climate that exists in Cyprus.

He also pointed out that the demands of the British market are very strict, while he also referred to the recent meeting of PASYXE with the High Commissioner of England, during which an exchange of views took place.

Regarding the other markets, Mr. Filippidis said that with the purchase of Israel, the reservations resumed, but not to the extent that was expected.

It is worth noting that in the plan which is in force, participate about 200 hotel units Pancypria and in it participate Tourist Accommodations (Hotels, Organized Apartments, Tourist Villages, Agritourism Accommodations), which offer for the whole period the maximum price of 60 euros with breakfast for double room per night.


Source: KYPE

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