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Serres: He threatened young people who wet his car with a carbine

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ΣΕρρες: ΑπεΙλη and sigma; αν το αυτοκiνητo του

Moments of terror were experienced by a group of 20 young people who had gathered on the evening of Clean Monday in the courtyard of a church in the community of Mitrousiou in the Municipality of Serres, when they saw two men approaching them threateningly, one of whom was holding carbine.

Indeed, he did not hesitate to arm it and stick it to the neck of one of the children, spreading panic among the rest of his group who fled and some of them notified the Police. EL.AS forces immediately arrived in the village, were informed of the identities of the two perpetrators and did not take long to locate them.

In the context of the preliminary investigation, it emerged that the reason for threatening the group of young people was that some had flown… water cannons on the car of one, while both were inside!

The perpetrators of the unprecedented incident were arrested and taken to the prosecutor of Protodiki Serres, who prosecuted them for threatening and violating the arms law and referred them to the investigator.

SOURCE: Topic One

Source: 24h.com.cy

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