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Set words, set announcement, set rules

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Set words, set announcement, set rules

The KOP and the teams-companies are preparing to mark the history of Cypriot football with another stain. By trampling on the values and principles of fair play, they are preparing to cut and sew the rules to their own measures.

A handful of people are locked in a room, they change the terms of the mid-season match as it suits them, they hurt the credibility of Cypriot football, which makes it look like a manipulated game. They show that they are doing it legally, by convening a general meeting, by amending the proclamation.

They rule football as if it were their property. They forget that this belongs to the taxpayer who subsidizes the stadiums and academies.

Here is the way in which the blood donors of the sport are mocked almost every year: On 9/24/2013, with its announcement, the KOP announced the decision of the board. that “the holding of the Division A championship with 12 teams from the period 2014-15 will last for two years and will then be evaluated”.

However, the above way of holding the championship was evaluated before the end of the year 2014-15! While the championship was held with 12 teams, the board decided shortly before its completion to diversify the announcement, relegate one team instead of two and increase the number to 14 next year.

However, in order for us to play it serious, at the same time they announced to us (16/5/2015) that they ended up shaping a long-term plan. They called it a six-year plan! It sounded nice! Championship of 14 teams for the seasons 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018 and immediately after the reduction of the teams to 12 for the seasons 2018-2019, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, with the announcement emphasizing:

“In order to ensure the holding of the First Division championship for the next six years in the way it was decided, a statutory amendment will be made which will require an increased majority (4/5) to amend the championship announcement . A statutory amendment was also made so that KOP and groups would become more convinced that they would not change the regulations every three or so.

But last year, as the plan entered its second year of life for the 12 teams, a pandemic ensued and the league was disrupted. So, it was decided not to be relegated, the six-year plan went for a walk and we returned to the 14 teams.

Because, however, the BoD He wanted to show again how serious his body is, he made a significant commitment. Here is what the announcement of the KOP on 15/5/2020 said: ” The members of the board. they promised that they will not return a suggestion for an increase of the teams in the First Division from 12 to 14 for the period 2021-2022 “.

So they committed but they have already paved the ground so that next Wednesday they will change the announcement again in order to keep the teams 14.

All this is part of the history of Cypriot football. It is written and tarnished by ten to fifteen people…

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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