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Seven details that flight attendants pay attention to when boarding

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Seven details that flight attendants pay attention to when boarding

Stewardesses may always look smiling and cheerful, but there is much more to their smile. At a glance, when you board the plane they can tell if you are dangerous or not.

How do they do that?

1. They will be careful if you do not greet them

There is a reason they always say “hello” when you board the plane. When one does not react to this by saying a simple hello, there is no way to help in an emergency.

2. If you did not look them in the eyes

The flight attendants always look the passengers in the eye when they are greeted on the aircraft. If a passenger does not look them in the eye, it is a worrying sign. That is, if you have done something wrong, avoid looking at them. Of course not always, but in combination with other signs, it is a criterion of concern.

3. If you are pale and have a red nose

Before boarding the plane, airport staff may ask a passenger for a doctor's note stating that their illness is not a danger to other passengers. This is a very difficult case for stewardesses because they have to pay special attention to them.

4. If you keep leaflets

What if a passenger starts talking to everyone around him, trying to persuade them to join a sect or something? The main job of a flight attendant is to make the flight as safe and comfortable as possible for everyone.

5. Answer questions very quickly

When you get confused while talking or looking anxious and talking too fast or too slow, flight attendants will notice. This is the behavior of those who hide their true intentions.

6. You look like gods of Olympus

If the flight attendants smile at a man, he does so not because he considers them nice but because he has put you on the list of people who can help in an emergency.

7. You are very capricious

If you shake your head a lot, constantly scratch, move constantly or any other spasmodic movement, they are signs for the flight attendants that something is wrong and they should be very careful with you.

All this in combination are very important indications for flight attendants. Our safety depends on their ability to judge if a passenger is dangerous.

Source: huffingtonpost.gr

Source: politis.com.cy

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