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Severe weather phenomena are coming – the Meteorological forecast

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Ερχονται Εντο&nu ;α καιρικΑ φαινομενα-Η προγνωση &tau ;ης Μετεωρολογικorς

Northeast wind current affecting the area. From Tuesday onwards, a barometric low centered in the Aegean begins to move southeast and is expected to affect the island from the early hours of Wednesday.

Today, periods of sunshine will alternate with periods of increased cloudiness, while from the afternoon onwards the weather will become mostly sunny in several areas. Winds will be mainly northeast, moderate to strong, 4 to 5 Beaufort but in the west initially variable and later southwest to westerly, light to moderate, 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea will be a little rough and transient on the windward coast to rough. The temperature will rise to around 18 degrees in the interior, on the southern and eastern coasts, around 19 on the rest of the coasts and around 8 degrees in the higher mountains.

Tonight, the weather will be mostly clear but mainly in the western half of the island there will be occasional increased cloudiness. Winds will be mainly northwest to northeast and locally to southeast, light, 3 Beaufort but transient on the windward to moderate, 3 to 4 Beaufort. The sea will be calm to a little rough on the west and south coasts and a little rough on the north and east coasts. The temperature will drop to around 5 degrees in the interior, around 9 on the western coasts, around 8 on the rest of the coasts and around 1 degree in the higher mountains, where frost is expected to form locally in the mountains.

The Tuesday, the weather will initially be mostly clear in most areas, but from noon onwards it is expected to become mostly cloudy. On Wednesday, the weather will be mostly cloudy, with localized showers and isolated thunderstorms, with the effects mainly starting in the early hours of the day from the west and progressively affecting the whole island. On Thursday, the weather will remain unsettled, with showers and localized thunderstorms. The phenomena, both on Wednesday and Thursday, are expected to be prolonged or intense in some places, while locally in the higher mountains snowfall is expected.

The temperature will rise slightly on Tuesday and gradually drop until Thursday , to fluctuate on Thursday close to or even slightly below the average climatic values.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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