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“Shame heard them and was ashamed”: EQUALITY for exclusion from the pan-union…

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 «Τους Ακουσε η ν τροκτρκε»: ΗΣΤΗΑ ιααοκλεισμo &ta;πo πανσυνδι καλιστικor...

The guild, it states among other things, is placed publicly, without rotations and without being influenced by employer suggestions

« Shame heard them and was ashamed”, says the Equality Union in a statement in relation to a publication regarding its exclusion from the meeting, “which they call pan-union”, as it notes.

According to the announcement, it was implied that the non-invitation of EQUALITY to the meeting was due to the characterizations given by guild officials against another guild and the alleged “stealing” of members from the guild.

“If our characterizations , that the employer should not pay 1 million euros annually as a sponsorship to a trade union that represents only a portion of its employees, are considered offensive, then we accept the first category,” he continues.

“Regarding the second category of 'theft' of members, we must remember that the members are people – intelligent, workers and family heads and the term 'theft' applies to objects and not to people”, he adds.

The guild, it is reported among other things, it is “publicly placed, without spin and without being influenced by employer suggestions in return for the generous annual sponsorship of one million euros”, adding that “some have been 'silent' or acquiesced to the 2013 wage cuts, the consequences of which are still felt they torment colleagues to this day”.

Source: politis.com.cy

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