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She “bowed” to her world… with victory

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Curtain with three points against Olympiakos, who said goodbye to the big division, for Nea Salamina

«Υποκλiθηκε» στον κoσμ ο της… με νiκη

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New Salamina closed the year with a victory, which prevailed 3-2 against Olympiakos in “Ammochostos” in the last game of the second phase of the championship. The “red and white” team finished with 58 points in the 2nd place of the 2nd group, on the other hand Olympiacos finishes in the last place with 28 points and says goodbye to the big salons, as it was relegated to the 2nd Division.

First half

In the first half, New Salamina started strongly with the aim of achieving a quick goal and controlling the game.

Christodoulou's team had the initiative of the movements in the field, controlled the match and tried to threaten mainly with long shots. In the 11' and 14', Sergiou attempted two long shots, but none of them ended up in the net.

The “red and white” continued to hold the ball and in the 23' they managed to take the lead. Carlitos stepped into the area from the left, turned to Miguelito, who from the height of the penalty beat Mol for 1-0.

From then on, the image of the match did not change with Nea Salamina controlling the match and Olympiacos not reacting to the match to threaten Kalanidis' goal.

With Nea Salamina having the supremacy on the field was next to reach a second goal. In the 33rd minute, Sergio made an excellent ball from the right, Thiago made it 2-0 from close range at the second goal post.

Two minutes later, in the 35th minute, Miguelito missed a huge opportunity from close range to make it 3 -0, but his place went out.

Until the end of the first half, nothing changed with Nea Salamina going to the dressing room with a 2-0 advantage.

2nd half

In the second half, Olympiacos entered a little better and tried to reduce the score in order to claim the win.

In the 54th minute, the “black and green” missed a huge opportunity with Pehlivanis making the shot outside the area after a corner kick, but Kalanidis made a huge save save, keeping it 2-0.

A minute later in the counterattack, New Salamina reached a third goal, with Florian inside the area opposite Moll making the spot kick to make it 3-0.

In the 61st minute, New Salamina missed a huge opportunity. with Florian at the height of the area to make the shot on the move, but the ball went just wide.

Olympiacos in the 68th minute managed to reduce even with a dose of luck, after a corner, it became the header, the ball hit Thomas Nikolaou and ended up in the net for 3-1.

From then on, Olympiacos rose more and managed to reduce even more. In the 88th minute, Pehlivanis from close range in the area reduced the score to 3-2 for his team.

In stoppage time, Nea Salamina kept the 3-2 in their favor until the end, ending the year with a victory. Olympiacos bids farewell to the big salons, as next year it will compete in the Second Division.


New Salamina: Kalanidis, Sergiou, Malekkidis, Miguelito, Sadi, Carlitos , Nikolaou, Florian, Margasa, Viktoros, Tiago

On the bench: Magpies, Adonis, Mandziek, Koumouris, Klimovics, Efthymiou, Fragos, Boteak, Doregarai, Leuko, Ofori, Enzo.

Olympic: Moll, Pehlivanis, Christodoulou, Dimitriou, Hendricks, Nani, Zefkis, Kaiaphas, Enoch, Hatzimitsis, Koroma.

On the bench: Pisias, Christoforou, Ioannidis, Kokoridis, Christodoulou , D.Dimitriou.

Scorers: 23' Miguelito, 33' Thiago, 55' Florian/68' Nikolaou (own goal), 88' Pehlivanis

Referee: Tehrani Andreas

First Assistant Referee: Iakovou Charalambos

VAR: Antoniou Menelaos

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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