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Shefte… the “red and white” with a goal in stoppage time!

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With the golden scorer Doregarai in the 90', New Salamina reached its first victory in the league.

ΣεφτΕ… οι «ερυθρλεκ οι» με γκολ στις καθυστερorσεις !

In an exciting game, Nea Salamina managed to beat Othellos 2-3 away from home. Earlier, Daktovic scored 0-1 in the 3rd minute for Christodoulou's team, with Othello responding in the 24th minute with Nardini. Just before the end of the half, at 45+3', Diakite made it 1-2 for New Salamina and Jansen equalized at 80' with a header. However, in the 90' ​​and after a penalty won by New Salamina, Doregarai wrote the final 2-3. The game had several phases and a good pace, while the two goals of Salamina with Doregarai and Beharano stand out, as well as one for Othello with Hatzipaschalis.

First half

The game had started with New Salamina entering the match very strongly and in just the first 4 minutes they managed to win 3 corners. In the 3rd corner, she succeeded as she managed to score with her captain Datkovic where he had sent the ball into the net from very close while the opposing goalkeeper was neutralized on the ground. The goal was disallowed as offside by the assistant but after a VAR review it counted as normal with Salamina taking the lead 0-1.

In fact, in the 8th minute, Christodoulou's team had the opportunity to double their goals when Doregarai took advantage of Othello's defensive error and found himself in a shooting position, but his shot went wide. In the 24th minute and against the flow of the match, as Nea Salamina seemed to control the situation, Othellos equalized. Nardini found himself at the penalty spot and without a second thought attempted a shot which ended up in Melissa's net. This was also Othello's first final.

Nea Salamina looked for a reaction and in the 35th minute almost scored a second goal, but Doregarai's shot was blocked by Jansen before it ended up in the net. The Argentinian striker had another great chance when in the 44th minute after his header the ball hit the crossbar.

And while everything looked like the half-time would find the two teams tied at 1-1, in the last minute of stoppage time and after a corner, the ball stayed in Othello's area and Diagitte pushed it into the opposing net from very close for 1-2.

Second half

In the second half, Othellos was the team that entered the strongest. It wasn't until the 46th minute that Mamadou's shot was stopped by the bodies of defenders, while a minute later and after a ball in the area, Sagare failed to score with a projection. In the 49th minute, Nardini's shot missed the target, but it was clear that Othellos entered the second 45th minute with the aim of immediately overturning the result. In the 50th minute and after a corner, the ball went away from the players of Salamina, but it reached Hadzipashalis who attempted a shot from the height of the area with the ball stopping on the post.

In the following minutes, New Salamina took the initiative of the movements, and in fact could have scored a goal when in the 57th minute, in a free kick committed by Beharano from a good position a few meters outside the area, he sent the ball to the post of Taudoul. However, in the 64th minute, Mamadou sent a sweet ball into the area of ​​New Salamina, Sangare made the right move at the first post, but his projection was not ideal as the ball went wide.

In general, Othellos was looking for the goal and brought out several players in the attack, with Nea Salamina finding empty spaces which it tried to take advantage of. In the 78th minute, Doregarai went on the counterattack, but Stamoulis caught him at the last moment before he scored.

However, the pressure of Othellos brought results as in the 80th minute, after a corner, Jansen rose higher than everyone and capitalized he wrote 2-2.

But the game had enough time even in the 90th minute, Nea Salamina won a penalty, after Jansen's hand in the area and VAR intervention. The execution was taken over by Doregarai, who sent the ball into the net for 3-2. This was also the last major phase of the match, with New Salamina reaching an important three points.


Othellos: Taudoul, Stamoulis, Hansen, Nardini, (62. Ramos) Christodoulou, Brambiga, Sangare, Garthia, (75 Popescu) Hatzipashalis, (62 . Weslati) Mamadou, Korinous (75. Zunzaren)
On the bench: Panagiotou, Kyriakou, Ramos, Limbobe, Popescu, Katsiatis, Kastanas, Zunzaren, Mitsis, Weslati, Venizelou, Ioannou

New Salamina : Melissas, Sergiou, Datkovic, Narsing, (64. Papageorgiou) Durmisai, (64. Miguelito) Beharano, (84 Kuzmanovic) Kone, (46. Fernandes) Doregarai, Leuko, Diagite, Katsiaris (46. Carlitos)
On the bench: Kissas, Ribeiro, Satoue, Kuzmanovic, Koumouris, Ertson Silva, Papageorgiou, Spyridakis, Christodoulou, Viktoros, Da Silva, Koroma

Referee: Theuli Chrysovalantis

VAR: Simovic Novak (Serbia)

Scorers: 24. Nardini, 81 Hansen/6. Datkovic, 45 Diagitte, 92. Doregarai (pen.)

Yellows: Korinous, Nardini, Christodoulou/Datkovic, Leuko

Reds: -/-

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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