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Shield of protection for young people: “They have not taken their minds off the air”

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The spokesman for the Greens, hosted by Andreas Dimitriou, became a shield of protection for the youth but mainly for Loizos Loizou, who is being criticized by a portion of Omonia fans. Andreas Dimitriou stressed that no young man on the roster has taken their minds off the air.

The relevant excerpt: “If they express themselves on Social Media, if they criticize young people… To think two or three times how they will express themselves and how this can affect either those who address them or the group. We all have a role to play. This is also a way to participate in team issues. As I live our young people, I did not find that their minds have been blown away. I have not found that they are not interested, that they do not work, that they are not respected. No one told the coach he would not do something he was told. They are dedicated to the team, they have not taken their minds off the air. Hubochan won the EURO, Gomez won the FA Cup, etc. They have players next to them who have succeeded and they know that in order to reach high, they still have a way to go. Do not be afraid, and I'm talking about some people talking on the radio, that if you tell a young person that he did something good, their minds will be blown away. No, say it. They need it. They won the championship and they are trying. The responsibility for the current season does not burden the young people. Let us remember when Omonia made a championship with young people from the academies. The demands are more, they have to compete with foreigners and community members in their team but also to treat them as opponents. The bar is higher. We are lucky because we have very good characters “.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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