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Shipping: Increasing demand for security due to a range of risks

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Model company guarantees the safety of seafarers, ships and goods

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<p> Shipowners are looking for solutions for the safety of their ships' voyages </p>
<p style=In the turbulent waters of global shipping, new threats are emerging, spreading fear and uncertainty. Ships and sailors are beset by a range of dangers, from Houthi attacks in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, to dramatic developments in the Russia-Ukraine war and the rise of piracy off Somalia. This alarming reality prompts ship owners to look for solutions, turning to specialist marine security companies. Demand for advice and specialist personnel is soaring as shipowners seek to ensure the safety of their crews, vessels and valuable cargo.

The demand for security services is increasing significantly

EOS Risk, a leading company in the sector, is experiencing an uptick in business. David Johnson, managing director of EOS Risk, confirms the trend “The explosion of insecurity has led to a significant increase in demand for our services.” EOS Risk offers a wide range of services, from consulting and risk analysis, to the provision of armed guards. However, the maritime security industry must evolve to meet new threats. Jon Gahagan, president of Sedna Global, a maritime risk consultancy, emphasizes: “Private maritime security companies can no longer rely solely on the provision of armed guards. They need integrated solutions that address the wide range of modern risks”.

Companies are developing protection methods in modern ways< /h3>

EOS Risk has adapted to the new conditions, focusing now on providing personalized consulting services. The company evaluates each case individually, taking into account the unique risks faced by each ship and its crew.

The shift to specialist consultancy reflects the rising costs of providing armed guards. In the past, shipowners paid up to $60,000 for a team of guards on a perilous route. Today, the cost has dropped significantly, reaching as low as $2,000. EOS Risk, however, only offers its advisory services to “very select clients”, underscoring the value of expertise and a personalized approach. The increased demand for maritime security services is an undeniable testimony to the need to enhance the protection of ships, crews and valuable goods crossing the vast oceans.

EOS Risk, and other companies in the sector, are leading the effort to address these challenges, leveraging expertise, experience and expertise to ensure a safer future at sea.

Prevention is a key pillar of the strategy. EOS Risk, through detailed data analysis and the development of personalized safety plans, helps ship owners to avoid dangerous situations. The company takes into account all factors, from weather conditions and geopolitical developments, to pirate activities and possible attacks by state or non-state actors.

At the same time, EOS Risk has a network of partners around the world, ensuring immediate response to emergency situations. In the event of an incident, the company can mobilize teams of experienced professionals, who take action to protect ships, crews and goods.

Investing in safety is also about sustainability

Investment in safety is vital to the survival and growth of the shipping industry. EOS Risk, with its industry leadership, plays a key role in ensuring a safe and prosperous future for ships and the people who travel on them.

The increasing demand for maritime security services is not just a statistical trend. It is a cry for help from an industry plagued by threats and uncertainty. EOS Risk, and other companies with a similar vision, are a beacon of hope, offering solutions and protection in a world full of risk. EOS Risk's story is an example of adaptability and innovation. The company has evolved from providing armed guards to a comprehensive security solution capable of responding to the multidimensional threats of the modern world. EOS Risk is a model for the industry, setting the standard for safe and responsible shipping.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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