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Shock in Thessaloniki: Pregnant Georgia was killed by her partner together with his friend

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The authorities seem to be facing a brutal femicide again, after the revelation that 41-year-old Georgia from Thessaloniki was murdered by her 39-year-old partner, who throughout the previous period did not hesitate to appear on television stations and express his anxiety about her fate after her disappearance on New Year's, while according to an announcement by ELAS about the investigation of the crime, the 34-year-old friend of his partner also participated in this of the woman.

As characteristically stated in the ELAS announcement, both “attacked (the 41-year-old woman) with a sharp object, after having previously immobilized her”.

It is noted that it was the friend of the 41-year-old woman's partner who revealed the crime, with him initially claiming that all he did was take part in transporting the body of Georgia to a deserted area in Halkidiki.

It is noted that, according to information, from the first findings of the forensic examination on the body of the 41-year-old, it appears that the victim has stab wounds to the neck.

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The area where Georgia's body trunk was found

A few hours before the crime was revealed, Georgia's partner reported a burglary in the apartment where the 41-year-old lived. Specifically, as the lawyer representing the pregnant woman's partner, Othonas Papadopoulos, who apparently did not know that his client was responsible for the disappearance of the 41-year-old woman, reported to protothema.gr, the break-in was noticed when they went to the apartment on Sunday night, the partner of the missing woman with his lawyer and two police officers to get some evidence and found that someone had entered the apartment.

The 41-year-old's partner, speaking to the Star, described that “in the bedroom closet they found a T-shirt, which Georgia was wearing under the thick sweatshirt, the morning she disappeared. This T-shirt was not found in the apartment during the police investigations. Also, neighbors told me that they heard noises coming from the apartment, as if someone was inside. I wish and hope it was Georgia, otherwise someone has her keys”.

The elements that betrayed him

The revelation of the horror was made by the friend of the partner of the 41-year-old who, when questioned by the police, “broke” and confessed that her partner killed her, placed her in a trunk and transported her, with his help, to a secluded and bushy area area between Triglia and Galatista, in Halkidiki. In fact, the same man indicated to the police the spot where they had deposited the body of the unfortunate woman.

Although the motive for the crime has not yet been fully clarified, the friend of the alleged perpetrator reportedly said that it has to do with financial disputes.

At the same time, the victim's partner allegedly denies his involvement in the crime, however, the police reportedly have video footage in their hands, in which the two men carrying something heavy, resembling a trunk.

At the same time, from the search made at the house of the woman's partner, traces of blood, hair of the victim, as well as DNA were found.

< p>Also, fingerprints of the alleged perpetrator's friend were found in the house, as a result of which he was brought in by EL.AS officials. and, during his examination, to make the above shocking revelations.

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