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SHOCK: Messages about a bomb also in schools in Attica – “We will blow you up like our brothers did in Paris”

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ΣΟΚ: Μηνύματα γιασεαατι κ–«ενοεκν αναδασορι» /></p>
<p class=Nothing suspicious was found during the checks carried out at the schools

They turned out to be hoaxes the threatening electronic messages about placing explosive devices that were sent to dozens of schools in Attica on Wednesday morning.

According to the Police, nothing suspicious was found during of the checks carried out in the specific schools

It is recalled that, as E.LAS pointed out. in an earlier statement, the emails were sent from a foreign country, while an investigation is being carried out by the Electronic Crime Prosecution to identify the sender.

The threatening emails were sent to schools in areas such as Gerakas, Galatsi, Haidari, Ilioupoli, Aigaleo, and >N. Ionia, with the Authorities considering the incident as not serious from the beginning.

The school units were evacuated and the Police, for preventive reasons, carried out on-site checks.

The announcement of the Police

As stated in the announcement from the EL.AS headquarters, “This morning a large number of schools received an identical email message with threatening content. The message appears to come from a foreign country, while the massiveness of its sending, even to school units which are currently defunct, demonstrates that the purpose of the message is to create disruption and shock citizens' sense of security.

In any case, there was an immediate mobilization by the Greek Police, so that in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the school units, the relevant control could be carried out, while the Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate is already conducting an investigation to identify the sender.

The safety of the citizens and especially the student community is the main concern and first priority for the Ministry of Citizen Protection and the Greek Police and to this end all necessary actions will be taken to uncover the perpetrator”.

What the threatening e-mail says

The message thatreached the schools' e-mail accounts states:


We will throw you on top of them and you will drown until the light in your eyes becomes darkness which will increase and you will all feel this weight on yourselves and sink into darkness.

Let's bury the state under a mountain of corpses.

We will turn your cities into the ruins of Marawi.

We will blow you up like our brothers did in Paris.

We were inspired by Abdelhamid Abaaoud

Salah Abdellah.

Isnilon Hapilon

The Brothers Maut

And everyone else

Inshallah Allah gave them the heavenly gardens of Firdaus.

You recognize us as terrorists when in fact you are fighting against the righteous law us.

Everyone who kills on a whim is not one of us.

The lies that pervade your entire miserable life do not acknowledge that you fight us not because we are evil.

You are made of evil.

Death awaits you with us.

Every Kafir will be held accountable to Muslims for their harassment.

We will storm the editorial office of every media outlet and cut the throats of your fake letters.

You will be all for always in the oven of hell.

Wherever you hide and no matter how you eat avoid the punishment will cover you and it doesn't matter where or when.

I am not held back by this dunya and whether or not it pleases Allah I (and everyone) will I go to Allah and with our flames we will burn your miserable bodies.

And we will become Allah's instrument in this holy war.

You fear death and give everything to put it off.

We see eternity from childhood.

And whatever happens to our bodies we will never die.

Yet and after it becomes a complete void.

Fullness will be at the top and we will always be in it.

In no way consider dead those who are killed in the path of Allah.

Nay, they are alive and receive their share from their Lord.

And Inshallah the day will come when the truth will prevail and the law decreed by the Almighty will spread on earth .

And from Dagestan to Bombay there will be a Caliphate all over the world.

We will burn your stadium.”

source: newsbeast.gr< /p>

Source: 24h.com.cy

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