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Shopkeepers' reactions to two new malls in Limassol: “Extremely burdened area”

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    Αν ;τιδρασεις καταστηματαρχoν γι&alpha ; δyο νéα malls στη Λεμεσo: «Εξαιρετικ&beta ;εβαρημèνη περιοχor»

    Reactions to the creation of two new shopping centers in Limassol a few meters apart, one from the other – “Extremely burdened area, they should go outside the city limits” says the representative of the shopkeepers of the center of Limassol, Christis Dimitriou strong>arrival of two new shopping centers in Limassol and in fact within breath distance of each other.

    The “Mall of Limassol”, belongs to the company Atterbury Europe, which is also among other important developments in the real estate market in Cyprus, Romania and Serbia, while in the domestic market it owns the Mall of Cyprus together with the Siakola Commercial Park, as well as the Mall of Engomi. The new “Mall of Limassol” shopping center will be developed on Spyros Kyprianou Avenue (across from 1st of October Street).

    The second shopping center, “Limassol Mall”it belongs to the property of Nicosia Mall and business groups such as Zorpa Group, PHC Group, Athienitis Group and VLM Group participate in it.

    The two developments will take place in the eastern area of ​​the city and although one falls under the Municipality of Mesa Geitonia and the other in the Municipality of Agios Athanasios, however, the lots within which there is an intention to be built are virtually side by side. More specifically, one opposite Jumbo in Agios Athanasios in a block that is currently used as a parking lot and the second in a block in Mesa Geitonia, west of Jumbo near KZ Nipiagogeio Limassol Timiou Prodromos and the Agios Stefanos Foundation.

    < p>The question that reasonably arises is whether this particular market can withstand two new shopping centers and in fact at a distance of a few meters from each other, at a time when My Mall Limassol is preparing for a radical renewal and significant expansion.

    “Extremely busy area”

    “We view these two developments with enormous skepticism and concern. At a time when everyone is talking about green cities, we are trying to create two large shopping centers in an extremely burdened area like this one. From what I understand, one application is for the end of Spyros Kyprianou avenue and the other application is for next to the Jumbo department store. That is, the two applications concern developments for a distance of 200 meters between them.In an area that I repeat is extremely congested with traffic, there is a roundabout that during all working hours you create a huge traffic jam. In addition to the traffic hub in this particular area there is a huge industrial areawith hundreds of workers and cars. There is the Kotsovolos store, the JUMBO store and the Mangas store. There are already large developments and the area is already closed to traffic. You realize that if even one is created, then the area will become inaccessible and unsustainable as far as residents are concerned. The life of the residents in this area will become hell because they will not be able to go out or go to their homes”, says Christis Dimitriou, Representative of the shopkeepers of the center of Limassol, invited by Cyprus Times to comment on this perspective.

    “New jobs are a myth”

    Regarding the possibility of creating new jobs, Mr. Dimitriou characterized this perspective as a myth. “I will tell you and this is the message we are sending both to the Government and the dear Minister and to the unions. Jobs are a myth! It is a myth that has been debunked for some years now. Even now there is a shortage of labor in the retail trade. No jobs, we don't want more jobs, it's staff we want. That is why both salesmen and saleswomen have recently come to Cyprus. You also know that deliveries cannot work if workers from abroad and third countries do not come. Even in the restaurants and cafes half of the staff are from abroad. There is no question of work, this is a myth and misleading public opinion,” answered Mr. Dimitriou.

    “To be built outside the city limits”

    Called to submit his own proposal, Mr. Dimitriou indicated how the two new shopping centers should be located outside the city center city, as is done in all countries, as he said.

    “To be done outside the city limits as it is done all over the world. From one end of the planet to the other, shopping malls are happening outside the city limits and that's what we recommend. They can cover East Limassol if they want, even though we clarify that there is no such commercial need. With the one mall that exists in Limassol, with the shopping streets that exist we consider that we are commercially and consumer covered. In the event that some investors consider that there is a need for another shopping center, this can be done outside Limassol and not in an area that is already burdened with traffic and will burden the environment. We cannot at the same time take measures for better coordination of the traffic system and for a green city and at the same time go to one of the most burdened areas of Limassol and say that there is no problem. This is something that public opinion does not see favorably. Everyone is saying the same thing and this should concern both the Ministry and the people who will, with a possible deviation, develop the specific areas”, concluded the representative of the shopkeepers.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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