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Sickness benefit also for those who work after 63

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Sickness benefit also for those who work after 63

Next week is expected to clarify the scenario of whether the right to sickness benefit will be guaranteed for people over 63 who establish the right to a pension, but choose to continue working.

The issue was discussed again yesterday in the Labor Committee of the Parliament, based on an amendment promoted in this direction by the Ministry of Labor after a social dialogue, but without reaching a conclusion, due to different views that were heard. As a result, it was decided by the members of the parliamentary Labor Committee that the issue should be raised again next Tuesday in the presence of the Minister of Labor, who was invited to attend a meeting of the committee on other issues.

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Yesterday's meeting, however, highlighted differing views between the social partners on the one hand and representatives of the Social Security Services on the other, regarding the interpretation of the article on the Social Security Act that refers to sickness benefit and unemployment benefit. According to trade union representatives, the problem arises because the Ministry of Labor interprets the establishment of the right to a statutory pension as the beneficiary receives a pension without applying, with the result that those who choose to work after the age of 63 are not entitled to sickness benefit in case of illness. – nor other benefits from the TKA. However, as they stated, they have agreed to amend the legislation to settle the issue. However, in the context of yesterday's debate, after the interventions of the chairman of the committee Andreas Fakontis and other deputies, it was decided to put the promoted amendment of the legislation again in the presence of the Minister of Labor for answers and final decisions, after It was not ruled out yesterday that the regulation requires only a political decision and not legislative interventions.

It is worth noting, however, that the social partners as a whole – unions and employers' organizations – agree to grant sickness benefit to those who, while entitled to a pension at 63, continue to work, however, there are different views on their entitlement to unemployment benefit.

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