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SIDIKEK-PEO set up a specialized committee to support actors in matters of abuse

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SIDIKEK-PEO set up a specialized committee to support actors in matters of abuse

In the establishment of a specialized Committee of Ethics and Support of Artists in matters of harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace, the Theater Artists Branch of SIDIKEK-PEO has proceeded

According to an announcement by the SIDIKEK Branch, the phenomenon of bullying, violence, sexual harassment and other forms of harassment in the workplace is accepted as existing at both European and international level and in this regard the need for an effective response has been recognized. .

He notes that since January 25, when the first reports of specific incidents in the area of the Theater began, the SIDIKEK-PEO Theater Artists Branch stressed the urgent need to protect the victims by the institutionalized bodies and the need to prevent the phenomenon by the state.

“We have demanded that a code of prevention and treatment of these phenomena be established in every workplace where artistic activity is carried out, which we want to be part of the Collective Agreement. “We already have the first results, since, as we have been informed, the THOK has expressed its readiness to enter into a discussion with the aim of adopting such a Code”, he states.

At the same time, notes Kladiki, with the decision of the Board of Directors has set up a specialized Committee of Ethics and Support for Artists, which studies and processes these issues on an ongoing basis and which is ready and able to handle such reports and complaints by actors, in order to inform them responsibly about their rights and obligations and generally to support and support them in their endeavor.

The Organizing Secretary of the Branch, Andri Dimitriou, has been appointed head of this small Specialized Ethics and Support Committee, which consists of member actors and is framed by experts from the field of social sciences and law.

“It is the duty of all of us to contribute in turn to ensure the dignity of all working artists in their workplace. We express our readiness to cooperate with every initiative and effort made by organized bodies and ensembles in this direction “, the announcement concludes.

The law firm Kousios – Papacharalambous – Korfioti represents SKOK and undertook the defense of the factor named by Andri Eleftheriou!

Source: politis.com.cy

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