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Sign a Life with Zeta Capital – The difficult farewell to the woman who made political life more human

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Hardworking, perceptive, determined and dynamic are some of the characteristics that can outline the diverse personality of Zeta Aimilianidou. The news of her death spread sadness, with politicians, organized groups, ordinary citizens rushing to mourn her family, but also to highlight her role in public life. Without words, with a photo of him with his mother smiling, Achilles Aimilianidis's son said goodbye to Zeta, while Hera's bride wrote, “You will always be in my heart and in my mind. I love you”. In a post on Twitter, President Anastasiadis expressed his shock at the loss of his beloved Zeta, noting that “Zeta will be missed by all of us, but mainly by our country, which is losing an honest, intelligent and effective minister.” . On Friday, at 11 in the morning, relatives, friends and ordinary people will say goodbye to Zeta, whose body will be repatriated this afternoon.

Without Zeta

The “Lady of Politics” was said goodbye yesterday by the people of the Ministry of Labor, friends and associates of Zeta Aimilianidou, who met with them every day. Everyone talked about the simplicity and generosity that characterized the Minister of Labor. “If it were not for Zeta, we would not have the range of social policy we have today, it was the Zeta of all of us, the Zeta that left prematurely,” said the Minister of Finance, Konstantinos Petridis, thanking her publicly, because, as she said, she was his honor to be his girlfriend and colleague, with whom he has lived a lot in recent years. “Without Zeta Aimilianidou, there would be neither the & # 8220; Children's Home & # 8221 ;, nor the National Strategy for the sexual abuse of children”, underlined the president of the “Voice” Council, Anastasia Papadopoulou. The Minister of Transport, Giannis Karousos, who acts as Minister of Labor, spoke about the dynamism, selflessness and the way in which the Minister of Labor operated.

“Zeta was the minister of the world,” Deputy Minister of Social Welfare Anastasia Anthousi said in a written statement. She added that her own personal responsibility is huge to keep the promise he gave her, that is, to work with all her strength, with consistency and sensitivity to be double to our fellow man. In her statement she quotes the words of the deceased, while characteristic of her generosity is the advice he had given her, “Take care of the world”.

For a decent, efficient and absolutely honest woman, who put the glasses to many male politicians, said the former Minister of Commerce, Antonis Paschalidis, who collaborated with Ms. Aimilianidou when she was director general in his ministry. Former Minister of Energy Neoklis Silikiotis referred yesterday to the unknown but decisive role played by Zeta Emilianidou in the preparation and announcement of the second round of licenses for hydrocarbon exploration within the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Cyprus. At the same time, Mr. Silikiotis referred to the painstaking and successful work done by Zeta Aimilianidou during the assumption of the Presidency of the European Council by the Republic of Cyprus.

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