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Signing of a contract between Ergo Energy and the University of Cyprus for the “APOLLO” Photovoltaic Park

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< p>Υπογραφor σyμβα&sigma ;ης μεταξύ Εrgo Εnergy και ΠανεπιστημΙο υ Κyπρου για το Φωτοβολταyκo Πaρκ&omicron ; «ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝ»

Ergo Energy announces the signing of a contract for the construction of the first phase of the Photovoltaic Park ‘APOLLO’ with storage capacity of the University of Cyprus.

This initiative highlights the commitment of the University of Cyprus to sustainable energy and the promotion of green development.

The first phase of the project includes the installation of 7,600 of new generation photovoltaic panels, double-sided (bifascial), with a total power of 5MWp, 15 voltage transformers (inverters) 350KWp each and an electrical energy storage system with Lithium Iron Phosphate technology batteries (3MWhr).

Ergo Energy, which has demonstrated remarkable experience and success in the field of design, construction and maintenance of large-scale photovoltaic systems, undertakes the implementation of this important project.

Υπογραφor σyμβα&sigma ;ης μεταξύ Εrgo Εnergy και ΠανεπιστημΙο υ Κyπρου για το Φωτοβολταyκo Πaρκ&omicron ; «ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝ»

The operation of the system will be based on Net Billing, while the energy production will cover the needs of the University and the batteries will ensure a constant flow of energy and avoid energy loss.

As the CEO of Ergo Energy and Group CFO, Kyriakos Kyriakidis, characteristically mentioned, Ergo Energy promises to offer a successful and entirely reliable photovoltaic system based on the specifications and technical characteristics that have been agreed, based on honesty and business ethos in order to successfully and safely implement the photovoltaic park 'Apollo' phase one and to deliver to the University of Cyprus an investment with a significant financial and environmental return.

Υπογραφor σyμβασησ μετ&alpha ;ξύ Εrgo Εnergy και ΠανεπιστημΙου Κύπρου γιατο «ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝ»

By implementing this important project, we are expected to contribute to the successful implementation of a comprehensive and reliable solution for the University Cyprus, simultaneously promoting sustainable development and environmental protection.

More: https://ergoenergy.com.cy/

Source: www.philenews.com

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