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Sizopoulos: EDEK with constructive proposals to satisfy the basic principles of the GeSy philosophy

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    “The two basic philosophies are violated”

    The KS EDEK will continue with constructive proposals, despite the reactions of certain circles, due to financial and other interests, to submit proposals, to improve the services provided, in order to satisfy the two basic principles of the philosophy of the implementation of the GeSY, states the President of the party, Marinos Sizopoulos

    In his written statement, on the occasion of the completion of five years since the start of the implementation of the GeSY, Mr. Sizopoulos states that the main objective of the GeSY“it was and must be the offer of a high level of quality medical care to citizens, especially to those who cannot afford it in other ways, as well as the free choice of doctor and hospital”.

    As he notes “through a cool and sober analysis of the results to date, we find that under the responsibility of the bodies that undertook the implementation of the National Health Service both the two basic philosophies are being violated“.

    < p>“Specifically”, he underlines, there is no possibility of free choice of doctor and hospital in too many cases, waiting lists even in the private sector have grown dangerously , patients are deprived in some cases of the necessary and necessary pharmaceutical care and the services offered are not uniform throughout the territory resulting in the lack of access for the inhabitants of the mountainous, semi-mountainous and some extreme areas, unfortunately despite the increase in the budget by 75 % (specifically around 700 million euros), which comes from the contributions of employees, pensioners and employers”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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