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Sizopoulos from Pileidou was informed about natural gas

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Sizopoulos from Pileidou was informed about natural gas

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The Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry informed on Friday about the developments in relation to the project for the arrival of natural gas, but also for the promotion of energy communities and the plans for sponsorships for savings and energy upgrades, which will be announced soon. Natasa Pileidou, the President of the Movement of Social Democrats EDEK, Marino Sizopoulos.

In a meeting, held at the offices of EDEK in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of the Public Natural Gas Company (DEFA), Nikos Kastellanis and associates of Marinos Sizopoulos, the Minister of Energy also informed about the promotion of Renewable Energy and Renewable Sources. of Cyprus in green energy.

In her statements after the meeting, Ms. Pileidou said that she had the opportunity to inform the President of EDEK and his team about the developments in relation to the project for the arrival of natural gas, but also about many other issues such as promoting energy communities, sponsorship plans for energy savings and upgrades, to be announced shortly for businesses, communities and public buildings.

He also said that during the meeting, ideas were exchanged regarding the promotion of Renewable Energy Sources and the faster transition to green energy, through the electricity interconnection, for which they agreed that “it is a very important step in this direction”. .

Regarding the work of the Public Gas Company and the Natural Gas Infrastructure Company (ETYFA), he said that what has been announced continues to be valid, noting that he presented in detail to the President of EDEK the various aspects of what have been discussed so far.

Finally, he thanked the Movement for all the suggestions but also for the very constructive attitude.

On his part, Mr. Sizopoulos thanked the Minister of Energy and the Chairman of the Board of DEFA for the very constructive and at the same time detailed analysis of the data that currently exist regarding the arrival of natural gas in Cyprus.

He spoke of “a very important project”, which, as he noted, “not only contributes to the issues of green development and the improvement of climate change that exists, but at the same time is an important element for the Cypriot economy.”

I would like to thank, he added, “because we were once again given the opportunity to exchange views on the issues of RES and especially on how the various programs for the installation of photovoltaic systems can run, especially in the homes of mountainous and semi-mountainous Cyprus. with the main goal to serve our compatriots as soon as possible and especially those who come from the vulnerable population by reducing the price they will pay for electricity “.

He also said that they exchanged views on how the hotel industry and industry in general can be served through this plan, as much as possible, in order to make the Cypriot economy more competitive in these important areas.

He also said that EDEK pledged that it would continue to support these initiatives with constructive proposals, which, as he noted, “actually have a double profit, on the one hand they support our compatriots and help them face financial problems,” he said. which they face today, but also on the other hand we give the opportunity to support the Cypriot economy in a macroeconomic horizon “.

Source: www.philenews.com

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