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Skordalia: Taste, memory and history at the festive table on March 25

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Skordalia, with its simple ingredients, brings memories of the frugal diet of the fighters of 1821

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The 25th of March is a holy day for the Greek nation, marking the anniversary of the Revolution of 1821. In addition to the events of memory and honor, this celebration also has a distinct taste identity, with skordalia being star at the festive table.

Skordalia, with its simple ingredients, brings back memories of the austere diet of the fighters of 1821. Cod, its main ingredient, was affordable and easily available, while garlic, also a basic ingredient, was considered a symbol of strength and health, essential for the fighters.

Connection with Religious Tradition

March 25 coincides with the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, a day of relaxation from the strict fasting of Lent. Skordalia, based on fish and oil, offers a nutritious and tasty option for this day, contributing to the observance of religious tradition.

Taste and Tradition

Garlic, with its aromas and full of meanings, is not just a side dish. It is an integral part of March 25, embodying the authenticity of Greek cuisine. Its connection with March 25 strengthens national feeling and pride in Greek history and tradition.

Beyond Gastrimargia:

Garlic, on the festive table of March 25, is not just a tasty option. It is a connection to the past, a reminder of sacrifice and struggle, and an expression of national pride. Every bite conjures images from the Revolution, uniting Greeks around the table, sharing not only food, but also their own history.

The garlic, with its meaningful presence on the festive table of March 25, is a symbol of memory, honor and pride for Greece. Going beyond the limits of simple gastronomy, skordalia rises as a tasty bridge that connects the present with the past, keeping alive the flame of our national heritage.

Garlic, with its variations in every corner of Greece, constitutes a culinary mosaic that reflects the rich diversity of skordalia, as a popular dish, it is offered at family tables and celebrations, reinforcing the concept of collectiveness and celebration.

In addition, skordalia, with its ease of preparation, is an economical option, ideal for family tables. With its healthy ingredients, it is a nutritious option, contributing to a balanced diet, while with its rich taste, it is a gastronomic proposition that can win over even the most demanding palates.

We urge you to try the garlic, not only on March 25, but also on every holiday. Let its taste take you on a journey through the history and tradition of Greece, bringing warmth and intimacy to your table.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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