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Smart meters – There remains the risk that the 40 million euros will be lost

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By December 2024 the electricity market will be opened

Έξυπνοι μετρητΕς – ΠαραμΕνει ο κiνδυνος να χαθοyν τα 40 εκ. ευρo

Scenarios are being considered which will not have the bidding process

The Minister of Energy, Mr. Giorgos Papanastasiou, presented himself as confident about the opening of the electricity market, after answering a related question from the President of the Energy Committee, Mr. Kyriakos Hatzigianni, that it will be fully operational by December 31, 2024 at the latest.

Today's session of the committee also dealt with the issue of smart meters and the electricity market. All interested parties attended the committee and submitted their views. In particular, the EAC referred to the court's decision to judge the awarding of the offer to CYTA as illegal and therefore invalid. The Board expressed its dissatisfaction and sent a letter to the development committee. To the question whether they will wait for the hearing of the appeal, the EAC answered in the negative and at the same time noted that many scenarios are being considered in order to find the best possible solution.

In another intervention, the Minister said that they are dealing with a broader issue with the offers which very often due to the involvement of other services face jams and the procedures are canceled as a result of which we lose millions of euros. When asked by “K” whether the 40 million fund will be lost, Mr. Papanastasiou stated: “Not necessarily. EAC specifically has requested through the general development directorate an extension for the collection of the money. Independently, however, the ministry is considering alternative solutions”.

Then the Minister stated that he does not know when the request for an extension will be answered since it depends on the Commission. In addition, Mr. Papanastasiou stated that scenarios are being considered which will not have the bidding process. In response to a question from “K” about whether the Minister refers to direct assignment procedures, the Minister said that he is not yet in a position to provide more information.

Regarding the project Photovoltaics for all, in which a delay was observed in the examination of applications, the Minister responded with a general comment and stated that in the very recent past the budgets for the project in question were voted and therefore nothing could be considered without the approval of the parliament .

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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