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So they will distribute the € 1.2 billion of the EDF

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So they will distribute the € 1.2 billion of the EDF

“F” presents the Government's plan for the utilization of the European Recovery Fund.

The draft Cypriot plan for the Recovery and Resilience Fund, which was sent to the Commission in January and is being finalized by state officials and party technocrats for its finalization, provides for € 509.5 million to build on the resilience axis. of the economy.

It is followed by the green economy, for which Cyprus is oriented towards investments and measures amounting to € 422.5 million, while an amount of € 122.5 million will be given to support the labor market, education and human capital. An amount of € 95.5 million will be invested for the transition to the digital economy and funds € 78.5 million are planned to strengthen public health and in particular public hospitals and to cover needs from the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Cyprus, the European Recovery Fund allocates € 968 million, mainly in the form of grants from the EU, however the draft of the initial Cypriot proposals, held and presented by “F”, include projects and reforms totaling € 1.2 billion (together with the state contribution). It is necessary to clarify that the final text may be amended in some places, as consultations between the government – parties and other stakeholders continue. The final National Plan must be sent to the Commission for evaluation in April and is expected to be approved by the European Council in July.

With the investment of € 78.5 million in public health, the Government intends to take measures that will contribute to the increase of the readiness of the services of the General Health System. In addition, infrastructure will be created, with new equipment and modern procedures, to strengthen public hospitals, so that they become more competitive and able to deal with future health crises.

In order to implement many of the envisaged actions, legislative measures will be promoted in ten areas, which will have to be approved by the Parliament, which makes it necessary for the two authorities to agree in advance. Among the proposed legislative changes are specific reforms, for the promotion of which Cyprus will commit itself to the EU through the National Plan, like the other countries, for their own necessary structural changes.


Source: www.philenews.com

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