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Sofronis: “Let's avoid the adversary's traps” (vid)

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The statements of the Omonia coach

Σωφρόνης: «Να αποφyγουμε τις π αγλδες του αντιπαλου» (vid)

Press interview granted on Wednesday afternoon Omonia coach Sofronis Augusti ahead of tomorrow's match against Midland for the 3rd qualifying round of the Conference.

The positions of the Omonia coach:

“We have a difficult game ahead of us. We know that we are dealing with a strong team, very good in physical condition and in the sets. He needs attention, we have to limit our mistakes and be careful on the pitch. We have to be focused and avoid some traps of the opponent and from there on play our game, set the pace, have will, put our quality and together with the people get a positive result. I wish to give joy to those who come with a good result”.

On the fact that Midland's best player will be absent, having transferred to Lazio: “I have an example in 2017 from the same team. When the centre-forward got gastroenteritis and the second came in, he scored two goals. These teams have a full roster and we have to be ready because they are a very good team.”

How Midland is different from Kampala: “She plays better in the passing game and the high game. It can create issues for you from the settings. They are a better team than the previous one and their last game doesn't fool us. We have to work on their weaknesses and be focused on their strengths”.

On the plan for tomorrow's match: “Always the choices are based on the opponent. We are currently playing at home. Our thinking will be different in relation to the away game. We want to put people in the game because they can play an important role”.

If he expects Omonia to be productive in tomorrow's match: “They are a new team with some new players. The boys have worked in preparation and what remains is to show more quality on the pitch. I wish we could have the same finals as we had in the previous game. What we want is to take advantage of the finals we find”.

For Psaltis and Panagiotou: “He has taken part in training. It's not 100% yet. In the next game he will be able to give us some things. Little by little, Psaltis and Nikolas are also coming back”.

For the young people who participated in the preparation: “It is important that they worked at high intensity. Some young people may leave with promise. There are some players that the team is evaluating. It's important that they can come back and get better. Those who will remain on the roster, we will see them every day and if we can give them some opportunities. We took 15 to 17 Cypriots with us in the preparation. It was a good experience for several young people that will help them in the future.”

On the transfer plan: “Mr. Jesper and the president also spoke. We aim for the team to be as good as possible. Right now the priority is tomorrow's game. If there's anything we can announce, we'll announce it next.”

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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