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“Solidarity Network Nicosia In Action” exceeded all expectations

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Ξ&epsilon ;πΕρασε κΕθε προσδοκΙα το «Solidarity Network Nicosia In Action»

The results of the first phase of the project implementation were presented

The report of the first phase of the project “Solidarity Network Nicosia In Action” implemented by the Multilateral Nicosia Municipal Center, held a press conference at Zemenidis Mansion in the old town of Nicosia, on Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

The project concerns the creation of an expanded Solidarity Network, through the development of a model of holistic, social services to meet the growing needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in Nicosia, with the aim of their smooth integration into society. The Network started with the signing of Memorandums of Cooperation, initially with 34 governmental, non-governmental organizations, Associations and Foundations with a remarkable work towards humanity and developed rapidly, currently counting 58 members.

Present at the event were, among others, the Social Services Officer A' of the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare, Ms. Marianna Papadopoulou, while the Norwegian Ambassador, Ms. Lajla Brandt Jakhelln, was represented by the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy, ​​Mr. Christian Halvorsen.

The Mayor of Nicosia and president of the Versatile Municipal Center of Nicosia, Konstantinos Giorkatzis, in his brief greeting, developed the philosophy and vision of the Municipality of Nicosia for the support of the vulnerable groups of the population, as this is also reflected in this initiative. Specifically, he said: “For the first time in the course of Local Authorities in Cyprus, in June 2021 the implementation of a program began which, in addition to offering multifaceted innovative psychosocial support services to vulnerable groups of the population, attempts to form a model of interconnection of the social services of the Municipality with civil society and with state services”.

Representing the Norwegian Ambassador, Ms. Lajla Brandt Jakhelln, the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy, ​​Mr. Christian Halvorsen, added: “Life is not always easy, but we all deserve respect and a place in our society. The Solidarity Network Nicosia In Action project aims to do just that. The staff and all the organizations working from this hub are doing an inspiring job and we are proud to contribute to the establishment and operation of the centre”.

On her part, conveying the greeting of Deputy Minister of Social Welfare Marilena Evangelou, the Social Services Officer A' of the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare, Mrs. Marianna Papadopoulou pointed out:

“The Municipality of Nicosia, understanding the requirements of the modern era, is active in covering new emerging needs, providing services that are adapted to these needs. Through the “Solidarity Network Nicosia In Action” project, a solidarity network was created, with the aim of holistically dealing with the social problems that plague the vulnerable groups of the population. This action is of special importance, since it covers a wide range of services, among which, the provision of psychosocial and business support, career and family budget counseling and home care for children and infants”, while he added: “I would like to express my thanks for your valuable contribution to society and our fellow citizens. It is our belief that such initiatives can offer a lot and therefore I assure you that the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare will continue to show undiminished interest in programs of this kind and will stand by you to provide support with the aim of creating modern and flexible programs” .

Next, the Officer of the Nicosia Multipurpose Municipal Center, Marios Argyrou, welcomed the attendees, presenting in detail the goals that were set from the beginning, as well as the impressive numerical and financial data regarding the period of the first phase of its implementation of the project, which was completed last November.

The project is implemented by the Nicosia Multipurpose Municipal Center and is co-financed by the financial mechanism of Norway (85%) and the Republic of Cyprus (15%) for the 2014 Program Period – 2021.

Recently, indeed, in recognition of the very positive results of the project, the an additional funding of 200,000 euros was secured, which ensures the uninterrupted operation of Solidarity for another 17 months.

Source: eurokerdos.cyprustimes.com

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