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“Something that goes beyond me”, says Miller about threats to Cyprus – “Incredibly productive” Kobu-Blinken meeting

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    Hezbollah's verbal attack on Cyprus is beyond me, says US official – “Incredibly productive” the Kobu-Blinken meeting – What the State Department Spokesman said

    In regards to Hezbollah's threats to Cyprus, but also in the meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Konstantinos Kombu with his American counterpart, AnthonyBlinken last Monday in Washington, State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller reported strong>, noting that “the verbal attack is something that is beyond me”.

    • US reaction to Nasrallah's threats to Cyprus. 'To stop threatening anyone'

    Mr Miller was responding to a reporter's question during the Press Briefing.

    “Why Hezbollah would attack a country in the middle of this important humanitarian role that it plays, why they launch this kind of verbal attack is something that goes beyond me“, he underlined.

    • Athens is next to Nicosia. “The threat of violence is a flagrant violation of the UN Charter”

    Matthew Miller referred to the US-Cyprus Foreign Ministers' meeting stressing that it was “incredibly productive “.

    “It was an incredibly productive meeting. The Minister of Foreign Affairs thanked the Government of Cyprus for all the work it has done to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. And I just want to point that out again, that Cyprus has really played a key role as a staging ground for the delivery of humanitarian aid that reaches Gaza, that helps innocent Palestinians, that helps innocent Palestinians have food,” he noted.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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