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Soon the offers for the construction of 150 houses in Agios Nikolaos

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Soon the offers for the construction of 150 houses in Agios Nikolaos

Within the year, the offers for the construction of the first 150 approximately modern houses in Agios Nikolaos will be announced, within the framework of the agreement for affordable housing, signed between the Municipality of Limassol and the Cyprus Land Development Organization.

The above was stated by the mayor of Limassol, Nikos Nikolaidis, after a teleconference he had today with the president of KOAG, Mario Pelekanos, and other officials.

The mayor of Limassol also stated that the techno-economic study for the largest housing project ever done in Cyprus with the involvement of the Municipal Authority has already been completed, the cost of which will reach 100 million Euros. As Nikos Nikolaidis explained, with the president of KOAG it was decided as a goal, until May the agreement of co-development and co-management of the project has been signed, while in the next months, if possible within the year, the offers for the construction projects will be announced. of Aifasi which include about 150 houses in the district of Agios Nikolaos.

It is pointed out that with the agreement Municipality – KOAG which was characterized by the mayor as historic for the Municipality of Limassol, the construction of hundreds of new housing units in Limassol (in Agios Nikolaos and Agios Ioannis) was launched to cover the housing needs of low-income families. and young couples. Mr. Nikolaidis had also pointed out that the whole project “is designed on the basis of the principles of sustainable development and environmental planning, to provide long-term economic, social and environmental benefits, benefits not only for vulnerable groups, but for the whole city, for present and future generations. “

It is reminded that for this purpose, three municipal plots will be utilized (two in Agios Nikolas and one in Agios Ioannis), where the first workers' houses were built in the 1940s under the town hall of Plouti Serba. In the three plots, with a total area of 31,081 sq.m., will be built over 600 modern housing units of various sizes with strict specifications that will ensure a high level of quality of life of residents.

It is reported that during the signing of the agreement, the president of KOAG, Marios Pelekanos, had stated, among other things, that this agreement changes the terms of the game, as it opens the market of affordable rent, which was also the goal of the Organization. He explained that with this cooperation, KOAG, which traditionally built upgraded units aimed at the middle-paid households, will now fill the gap to serve the low-paid households as well.

Source: www.philenews.com

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