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Spectacular changes are coming to AEK

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Spectacular changes are coming to AEK

“They did not pull” as expected players who were acquired last summer to make a difference and help the goal. In combination with the negligible offer of the players acquired in January, the team instead of strengthening remained stagnant.

This was the main reason that this year's AEK failed to star and claim a place in the top four of the standings. When more than half of the team's goals in the regular season, 19 of the 36 goals he has scored, were scored by the “old caravans” Triskovski, Tolmes and Akoran, then the problem on the strike line becomes apparent.

The 34-year-old Triskovski scored 10 goals, the 35-year-old Tolmes scored five goals, while the “phenomenon” Akoran, who is already “pressing” at the age of 39, scored four times. At the same time, the performance of footballers who came to the “AEK Arena” to give something more is not considered satisfactory. The people of AEK expected much more from Naranjo, who scored six goals in 23 appearances.

The ups and downs in his performance are disappointing… About the same applies to Garcia. Two goals in 22 appearances is certainly not a satisfactory record for an winger who was acquired to give substantial help to the team. More disappointing are the statistics of Spoliaric, who in 18 appearances did not find a single goal in the opponents' nets.

Bad lies, the players-personalities of AEK, Triskovski, Akoran and Tolmes, who in the previous years lifted the team on their backs (along with the rest of their teammates) and raised it to the elite of Cypriot football (and to the groups of Europa League) are heading west in their careers, which is why the Larnaca team will need deep cuts in the summer in order to be able to star again.

Xavi Roca (it is not yet clear when he will come to Cyprus) continues the “study” of the team and through the playoffs will draw his final conclusions about the capabilities of specific players. What is certain is that next summer spectacular changes are expected in the yellow-green roster.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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