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Stamatis Gardelis in detention – “I reached the point of having suicidal tendencies”

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What is happening to the popular actor?

A video that caused concern to his fans was published a few hours ago on Facebook by Stamatis Gardelis, who is in the custody of the police station in Egaleo.

The show “Morning” contacted the actor by phone in order to find out what exactly is happening, with him, among other things, revealing that he has suicidal tendencies with what has been happening in his life lately.

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Specifically she said: I am; I can't see well. From the mental hospital, now here, let's see where the next one will be. I'm being detained because I'm asking to know the truth and the questions seem to bother me a lot. Today I had a forest map objection review committee. I insist on saying that my land is not a forest, the one next door who is a prosecutor is not a forest, and the other one who has a business on the wave is not a forest, but I am a forest, they insist on it.

I have been wiped out, these things have reached my limit. Better here in the detention center.I can't calm down. Detain me. You won't shut me up with anything. Fortunately, I have a cell phone in here and I can talk. They have taken all my life, all my energy, all my money, and they are coming to take my house as well. I've ended up in a mental hospital.

I've ended up owing 80 and 100 thousand to the tax office for overdue debts, for a plot of land that I took, bought, paid for and now I'm being imprisoned .My file came to be examined and the president took it and said, “no, it will go to his turn”. Which series? I arrived at the mental hospital. I became suicidal.

He asked for my detention because I insisted on being tried today. I want to be tried, I'm not begging anyone. I don't have lawyers either… I don't have lawyers, I don't need anyone to interpret the truth for me. I'm in Aegaleo now, at the police station. They also twisted my arm. Mercy. Who did I steal? I bought the plot. I stole it and they treat me like this?…. Now they have to take my cell phone too. They're going to take my cell phone too, you're the last one I'm talking to now. I am in Aegaleo. Now they have to take my cell phone too, maybe because I shouted.”

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Source: showbiz.cyprustimes.com

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