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Stavros Malas: Political carnival the puzzle under construction in view of Presidents (audio)

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Some political leaders are trying to square the circle, in relation to the scenario as it is formed, in view of the 2023 Presidential Elections, said Stavros Malas. The former double candidate with AKEL, said that, from what he hears, he understands that an attempt is being made to contract some collaborations, which are probably also motley, for & # 8217; This situation, at the moment, reminds him of a political carnival, he explained.

Asked if AKEL is included in this political carnival, Mr. Malas said that the party has a specific proposal, for & # 8217; this is not the case. Referring to Andreas Mavrogiannis, he stressed that if the former negotiator is chosen to be the AKEL candidate, he will have a long way to go, as voters of all political forces are in a state of waiting, waiting to hear the candidates and judge. In fact, even if he is elected by the Party Base Groups, he will have to make a big fight to convince the voters, something that Mr. Malas himself experienced when he was elected by the groups with an overwhelming majority.

Stavros Malas said that the upcoming elections will be in which mainly the personality and positions of the candidates will judge their course. His message to the candidates, he said, is not to take voters for granted. He stressed that Christodoulidis will also have a problem regarding this issue and one thing that Mr. Malas himself has told him is that you can not be in the Anastasiadis Government for nine years and present yourself as something else.

Next, Stavros Malas referred to both the halloumi and the model of the production of the Cypriot product.

Listen to what he said on the show “Morning Inspection” of Politis 107.6 and 97.6:

Source: politis.com.cy

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