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Stefanos' letter to Christodoulidis for four months – “Time to abolish the system”

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Επιστολor Στε φανου σε ΧριστοδουλΙδη για τετ&rho Αμηνα-«Ώρα να καταργηθεi το σyστη μα»

The General Secretary of AKEL is expected to send a letter to the newly elected President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, within the day, with which he will request the abolition of the exams every four months. Mr. Stefanou had a meeting with the leadership of the confederation of organized secondary education parents, during which he stated that “the time has come to abolish the four-month exam system”. 

As stated in an announcement by AKEL, Mr. Stefanou, together with Christos Christofidis, member of the Education Committee of the Parliament, but also in charge of the office for education issues of the Left party, received in the morning the leadership of the Confederation of Secondary Education Parents and discussed the subject of the quadrennial exams. “The question of the four-month exams causes a lot of anxiety and a lot of pressure for a large number of students, but also for their parents”, Stefanos Stefanou pointed out in his statements, noting that AKEL is on the same wavelength and shares both the anxiety of the parents and the Confederation, as well as the need to solve the matter as soon as possible.

He reminded that AKEL has filed a law proposal, with which it suggests what should be done with the issue of the four months, but also in relation to this year's exams. “AKEL's position is that the institution of four months should be abolished”, he stressed. “In any case, he observed, AKEL had stood against the logic of four months, which leads the system to an exam-centric logic, burdens students and parents with stress and pressure, and AKEL, over time, throughout the discussion of the issue, always emphasized this fact”.

The General Secretary of AKEL, continuing, pointed out that “the time has come to abolish the four-month system. At the same time, AKEL is of the opinion that the exams that have been carried out should have a formative nature, as included in the law”. 

He noted that “in the face of the peculiar situation we are in, where the current government leaves at the end of the month and the new government takes over from March 1st, the newly elected President and his government must be given a few days to position themselves on of the issue, but it must be discussed soon, because the students and parents are in great distress and the matter must be resolved”. 

He reiterated that AKEL's  proposal includes both issues: And the abolition of the institution of examinations and what should happen with the results of the examinations of the 1st quarter that took place this year. Stefanos Stefanou stated that he will send a letter today to the new President of the Republic, Mr. Nikos Christodoulidis, in order to manage the subject, with the highest possible priority. 

Finally, the General Secretary of AKEL thanked the President and the members of the Confederation, with whom he discussed general issues of education, which concern parents and society. He assured, moreover, that the party is at the disposal of the Confederation, for the discussion of any issues or challenges faced by education and the educational system. 

Parents also see other parties

However, the meeting of the Confederation of Parents with AKEL, is the beginning of a series of consultations with the political parties, in order to promote their requests, regarding the existing student evaluation system, as they consider it time to be set as a priority for all involved agencies. 

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