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Stefanos Pitsiniagas: “Suddenly I was left behind – I went through a mini-depression after the success”

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<p>What he said in his new interview about the great success of “Dynata-ta-ta”</p>
<p>Stefanos Pitsiniagas</strong> after his participation in the musical reality show of SKAI, “House Of Fame” in <strong>2021</strong> he was given the opportunity to release the song <strong>“Dynata”</strong>which became an absolute success. However, things didn't turn out exactly as he expected, since as he states in the interview he gave on the Mega show, “Elene”, the sharp decline on a professional and psychological level followed.</p>
<p><strong>“I paid the price of success. From where everyone wants you, suddenly you are left unsought. I went through a mini depression after the success. I closed in on myself and was afraid to go out,” <strong>Stefanos Pitsiniagas initially said.</strong></p>
<p><strong>“A first-time kid to make a hit and have everyone sing it? This happens one in a million. My parents, of course, have not come to a night club to see me in Athens, but I make sure that I sing in Gytheio so that they can come”,</strong> he added.</p>
<p><strong>“I would sing and I have dedicated a song to a girl many times. Men wait for women to come and talk to them. I don't belong to this generation”, confesses <strong>Stefanos Pitsiniagas.</strong></p>
<p><strong>“My father has my poster in his tavern and has printed my photo with the song 'Dynata' on the handkerchiefs. My mom and I talk 5 times a day on the phone. I hope my cell phone rings from her for many years to come,” concluded the young singer.</p>
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