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Stefanos to the opposition: Call for concurrence in the candidacy of Mavrogiannis

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It is our belief that in the person of Andreas Mavrogiannis, our country can once again move forward with confidence towards the future, AKEL General Secretary Stefanos Stefanou said on Saturday, speaking at the 27th Conference of the AKEL Limassol Provincial Committee and inviting cooperation .

In his greeting, Mr. Stefanou said that “the goal we have set in the elections is the election of a President, who on the basis of a progressive program to open new roads and new perspectives for our Cyprus, for the society, the employees and especially for our young men and women “.

Note that σ & # 8217; these elections, their result will judge a lot for the course of the place, “in a period characterized by many deadlocks and problems caused by the ten-year rule of DISY”.

Recalling the decision of the Central Committee of the party to support the independent candidacy of Andreas Mavrogiannis, the General Secretary of AKEL said that he is convinced that “in the person of Andreas Mavrogiannis our country can once again move forward with confidence in the future.”

“We can achieve progressive change by activating all the forces of our country and all the talents of our people, we can re-inspire society, leave behind fatalism and restore optimism” , complete.

Saying that the challenges before our country are many and it is necessary to mobilize as many forces as possible in the struggle for progressive change, the General Secretary of AKEL stressed that “it is for & # 8217; what we choose to support an independent candidate who can bridge differences, create convergences, synthesize and join forces, cultivate the ground for the necessary transgressions. “

We choose, he continued, to support an independent candidate with experience, knowledge, skills, with connections in the international political arena, honest and clean, “to support an independent candidate who can face the mistrust and suspicion with which a part of society confronts the parties and the political system and re-inspires optimism and a willingness to create. “

At the same time, recognize the impasse of alarmist government, to all those who see and seek change. “

” This is our call to the opposition forces. “With the independent candidacy of Andreas Mavrogiannis, we address them and invite them to cooperate”, said Stefanos Stefanou.

Finally, he noted that in a few days AKEL completes its democratic procedures , takes its decisions “and throws itself into the battle of the elections with optimism, with strength, with confidence and momentum to finally turn the page page”.


Source: politis.com.cy

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