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Stefanou: AKEL's duty is to get rid of the Alarm-Anastasiadis government

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The need today puts before AKEL the task of getting rid of the Alarm-Anastasiadis government and getting rid of the policies that have plunged society into problems and corruption, the Secretary General said on Thursday night of the party, Stefanos Stefanou, who noted that the policies of Alarm-Anastasiadis are the ones that brought the Cyprus issue to serious and dangerous impasses.

In his speech, during the EU event AKEL Nicosia – Kyrenia, for awarding the veterans of the party who completed 50 years of continuous and uninterrupted party life, the Secretary General of the Central Committee of AKEL said that the policies of Alarm-Anastasiadis are those “who distributed poverty to many, to enjoy the few, who turned civilization into the poorest relative and who wiped out welfare and social sensitivity. “

According to Stefanos Stefanou, “the end of the current situation is a necessity for our people, while the present and the future of our country require a progressive change.”

He added that ” this is the need of our place and this is the need of our people “, to add that” progressive change is not only necessary but also possible “.

“We can mobilize all the forces of our country and achieve this change. We can bring back the optimism and the smile on the faces of our people. We will bring this change with Andreas Mavrogiannis. “We will turn the page with him and we will move forward”, said the General Secretary of AKEL.

As he said “next February, we have a first class opportunity, to justify the games of of our veterans, so that the dreams and expectations of the new generation may come true “.

Welcoming the AKEL veterans from the stage of the event, he said that “Akelistis is never really demobilized from the action and the struggles for a better homeland, for a better society, for a better world and he is never demobilized, because the decision of a to join AKEL, has as a starting point the unadulterated and genuine patriotism, the sensitivity and solidarity for the people, who are in pain and suffering, the concern and the struggle of the working people – manual or spiritual – to have the social position that It is worthwhile for everyone to receive according to what they offer. “

ΑΚΕΛ. “To unite all their forces, to organize, to fight and to conquer rights, social justice, peace, freedom, democracy”, said Mr. Stefanou.

In addition, he noted that the Akelists throughout the historical course of their party are at the forefront of the struggle, “with their sweat and blood they conquer and defend what brings progress and prosperity to the place.”

Addressing the party veterans, he said: “The medal of 50 years of uninterrupted party life that you will soon hang on your lapel, is the indelible imprint of your own contribution and contribution to our country, to our people , in our party, in the whole popular movement “.

” We stand before you with awe and gratitude. We draw strength from your living example. We do not give you the title of Akelistis. You have conquered it with your action and struggles. We are proud of all of you. “We feel awe towards you, because we must hold high the party you handed over to us and look worthy of the story you created”, he added.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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