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Stefanou in “P”: The possibility of cooperation with DIKO, Pamporidis and Irini

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The conferences of the Democratic Party and the Ecologists 'Movement – Citizens' Cooperation, two parties that are potential collaborators of AKEL in the 2023 presidential elections, are being held today. of AKEL Stefanos Stefanou in today's interview with “Politis”, lists his party's priorities for '23 and why AKEL should come out of the short-sighted logic and see the big picture, explains why the party could cooperate with DIKO after DISAKEL and the coordination of DISY – DIKO in the economy during the memorandum period, gives clarifications for the participation of the New Forces in the decisions of the party, and answers whether the name of Irini Charalambidou for the presidential elections is also discussed, as well as to those who consider childhood political illnesses as a factor that should determine AKEL's choices today – it basically preserves the name of George Pamporidis.

What criteria will be used to make AKEL's decision for the 2023 presidential elections? What are your party's priorities and red lines?

In a state with a Presidential Republic and the President surrounded by enormous powers, the presidential election determines the course and fate of the country for a period of five years. The importance of the upcoming presidential elections is even more decisive, because our country is facing serious impasses on all major fronts due to the policy, ethics and behavior of the DISY government. Our goal, then, in the upcoming elections is to end the alarmist government and elect a President and a government that will promote progressive change. And as AKEL always does in presidential elections, it will seek cooperation with the opposition parties in order to create the conditions for winning the elections. Seeking collaborations, we will seek convergence in all policy pillars that determine the future of our place and society. Pillars such as the solution of the Cyprus problem, with which we will achieve liberation and reunification of our country, the fight against entanglement and corruption which during the days of the DISY government took off dragging Cyprus internationally, strengthening the rule of law that has been degraded, the strengthening of the welfare state and the formation of a new development model.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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