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Stefanou is optimistic 10 days before the elections. “For AKEL to come out strong and leading”

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    Stefanou is optimistic about elections. “Let AKEL come out strong and leading” – AKEL is making a difference, AKEL General Secretary stated at the central pre-election meeting

    With an appeal “to the thousands of voters of the Left, but also to every progressive citizen who wants a change of course” to join the AKEL, force of assertion in Cyprus and Europe and “to make a difference to change things” the party's General Secretary at the central all-Cypriot pre-election meeting stated that for AKEL, Cyprus's position in the EU is non-negotiable. “But we have to answer the key question: Which Europe do we want?”.

    Asking whether we want a Europe in the hands of the right and the extreme right or the Europe of democracy, solidarity and the dignity of its peoples, the Europe of NATO and wars or the Europe of Peace, the Europe that cooperates and hypocritically turns a blind eye to genocide carried out by Israel in Gaza or a Europe that exalts the stature of solidarity and justice, the Europe of the out-of-control Central Bank imposing interest rate hikes bringing European societies to their knees or a Europe with a human-centered agenda, social solidarity, social justice, with transparency and accountability, Stefanous Stefanou replied that AKEL is fighting for a fundamentally different Europe.

    “European Union social. Democratic. Peace in which the driving force is the improvement of the quality of life of the many. Not of the privileged few.” Mr. Stefanouhe said that AKEL is coming down with a strong and dynamic ballot, with three men and three women, “because in the Left, gender equality must start at home”. A ballot that forms the bridge between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots and continues the historic step we took in 2019, as he mentioned by saying that they open paths and chart a perspective, while giving a clear choice to the world of the Left, progress and democracy.

    < p>He talked about the shadow of two facts, the borderline situation in Cyprusand accuracy, “which puts pressure on society and drains the economy”, but also for “a reality, which determines the agenda of these elections: immigration”. Mr. Stefanou said they were standing up to the misanthropic discourse of the far right, saying that the immigration issue needed proposals distinguished by political courage and empathy. “We submitted these proposals with a view to the equal assumption of responsibility between the European states. This means the power of assertion: to prioritize the rights of our people, but at the same time not to lose our humanity”.

    Regarding the Cyprus issue, he said that if Mrs. Holgin's effort expires without result or if we are led to a new process that collapses again, “the consequences will be overwhelming, if not fatal for the Cyprus issue and Cyprus. They will be fatal to the prospect of living again in a united and free homeland.” He reiterated that AKEL has filed a specific proposal since 2020 that effectively cancels the claims of the Erdogan duo – Tatars for a two-state solution and shields the framework for the reunification of Cyprus on the basis of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation with political equality.

    In fact, he said that it is “the top issue not so much on the electoral agenda but – first of all – in our lives.” Those who should finally understand how much society is suffering are the current rulers, he added. “The worst thing about them is that they hide a big glaring reality: that while the world's pockets are emptying, other pockets are overflowing: the pockets of the banks, the energy companies, but also the state coffers that accumulate hundreds of millions of euros from the taxes that the world is paying off”.

    He mentioned that AKEL submitted to the Parliament a proposal for a law to tax the unexpected profits of the banks so that with the resources that will arise a targeted social policy can be made and he wondered how it is possible that the government and the other parties are not moved by what a large part of it is going through our society, not to be moved when thousands of young people cannot get their own home. “While they are indifferent, we stand by the side of society and that is why we ask for its support. In order to continue to face effectively the inaction of the Government on the issue of accuracy but also with the big interests that continue to eat on the backs of society”.

    The General Secretary of AKEL stated that 10 days before the elections “and I can confidently tell you that we are optimistic about the outcome. We are optimistic from the messages we receive daily from society.” The message should be one, said Mr. Stefanou, “that AKEL – Left should come out strong and leading – Social Alliance, to end the decline. And, yes, the polls will show AKEL strong and powerful, strengthening the hope for today and tomorrow of our country”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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