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Stefanou-Koutsoumbas discussed the need to resolve the Cyprus problem

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    Stefanou-Koutsoumbas discussed the need to resolve the Cyprus issue

    The need to solve the Cyprus problem and the reunification of the country were discussed on Friday by the leaders of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanos, and of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), Dimitris Koutsoubas, at AKEL's offices in Nicosia, as well as on the crisis in the Middle East, the war in Ukraine and the situation in Greece.

    In his statements after the meeting, the General Secretary of AKEL stated that they had “an excellent meeting”, and referred to the relations between AKEL and KKE, which, as he said, “go far back in history and are characterized by comradeship, fraternal and international solidarity”. . The KKE, said Mr. Stefanou, is a party “that has always, consistently, consistently stood in the struggles of our people for freedom and justice”.

    He noted that the visit is taking place in a year that marks 50 years “from the twin crime that was carried out against Cyprus and our people, from the coup d'état of the Athens junta and EOKA B and the barbaric Turkish intervention that followed the coup ». Within these contexts, he added, they also remembered “the NATO conspiracies against Cyprus that led to this crime, and to a situation that has prevailed ever since, of de facto partition, of Turkish occupation that undermines the security of our people and of our place but also more widely in the region”.

    According to Mr. Stefanou, they also discussed the current situation that exists more widely in the region for both countries, but also about the need to solve the Cyprus problem, “because the passage of time without a solution to the Cyprus problem, which will bring liberation and reunification, will lead us to the division which, beyond inevitable, is also dangerous for the present and the future of our country”.

    He also said that both parties underlined the need “for peace to prevail, to end Israel's murderous attack against the Palestinians and for peace and International Law to prevail in our region”.

    Mr. Stefanou thanked Mr. Koutsoubas for the meeting and said that the ongoing dialogue with the KKE will continue.

    In turn, Mr. Koutsoubas noted that the meeting is in the context of the KKE's big tour and the meetings with the state and political leadership of Cyprus.

    This visit and the discussions, said the General Secretary of the KKE, “are really taking place in a turbulent period for our region and for the whole world, where great rivalries, conflicting interests, oppositions, create military involvements, conflicts and in economic, at the political level, but mainly at the military level”. He referred to what is happening in the neighborhood, with the ongoing “attack of the State of Israel against the Palestinian people, but also against other peoples of the region” but also further north, the ongoing imperialist, as he said, war in Ukraine “with the confrontations between the Russian side but also NATO, the USA”.

    Mr. Koutsoubas said that they expressed their concerns about the developments in the Cyprus issue, following all the developments and the information they had from the Central Committee of AKEL as well as the entire Cypriot political leadership, about the possibility of negative developments, apart from the stagnation that exists in the question. They reaffirmed, he added, “precisely on the 50th anniversary of this double tragedy” and the invasion and occupation, “the necessity to fight for a united, independent, free Cyprus, for one state, not two states, with one and only sovereignty, with one citizenship, an international personality, a common homeland of all Cypriots, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots and others, and of course without foreign bases, without foreign troops, without occupying troops with a people truly at home in their place”.

    The General Secretary of the KKE stated that they were also concerned with the developments in Greece, noting that although yesterday the Mitsotakis Government received a vote of confidence from 159 MPs in the Greek Parliament, the Greek people “express their censure towards this Government”.

    He stated that a “current of questioning” of the policy of the New Democracy Government is expanding and that the social alliance of workers, employees, farmers, professionals, scientists, young people, students, female students is strengthening which, as he said, “also concerns crime in Tempi”, which “still remains in the dark and in a complete cover-up on the part of the State and the Government”, but also a series of issues concerning the popular income, accuracy, unemployment, problems faced by the working class and the working people, but also “the enormous problems” in the public health sector and in the education sector, with their privatization.

    Mr. Koutsoubas said that the genuine opposition is in the streets and that the KKE is “on the streets of the struggle”, to fight together with all the people, calling them to accompany him, to fight all the battles to come.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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