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Stefanou: Not enough measures of the Government to be precise

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Even belatedly, the Government's measures to deal with the accuracy are in the right direction, but they are not enough, said AKEL General Secretary Stefanos Stefanou, who is waiting for a meeting of the Board of Leaders to submit his party's proposals. b>

In statements during his tour of the First Municipal Market of Limassol on Saturday, Mr. Stefanou said that AKEL continues its contact with civil society “in an admittedly very difficult period” .

“Accuracy has been pushing the family budget and torturing households and businesses for several months now,” he said, adding that “accuracy is becoming even more pressing and the outlook for dealing with this phenomenon is unfortunately not good.” “Given what is happening in Ukraine, which affects and will continue to affect the prices of very basic goods that directly and indirectly affect Cyprus.”

It is for this very reason, he continued, & nbsp; that we as a party, for quite some time now, have been addressing the Government to take all those necessary measures to deal with the accuracy and the & nbsp; protection of households, society and the economy.

Referring to the measures announced by the Government the day before yesterday, the Secretary General of AKEL stated that they are in the right direction, “even if it is too late”, while emphasizing that “these the measures are not enough and much more needs to be done. “

In addition, he noted that the Government should activate the tools that exist and the relevant services, to deal with the phenomenon of scandal that occurs whenever there is an increase in prices and pointed out that there is “there is the tool of the ceiling, which is not only in case of scandal. ».

“The ceilings are also needed to protect households, especially vulnerable groups, low-wage earners, low-income retirees, the unemployed, young people, and that is why we are asking the government to take action on various goods and various products, this tool, to protect the world “, he said.

Regarding the letter of AKEL to the PD for convening the Council of Leaders with all the competent Ministers and services, in order to assess the situation as it is shaped by the war in Ukraine, Stefanos Stefanou said that President Anastasiadis responded positively and stated that he would convened the meeting upon his return from abroad.

He reiterated AKEL's intention to assist in the effort to be made to meet the challenges and that his party has formulated specific proposals and views “on the how could we, as far as possible, deal with these problems. “

Regarding his visit to the First Municipal Market of Limassol, Mr. Stefanou stated that, after the discussion with the businessmen, there is a concern about what will arise further with the situation in Ukraine, however, he stressed, “at the same time there is optimism that we can face the problems and move forward “.

Asked about the party's consultations for the presidential elections, the General Secretary of AKEL said that, after the meeting with the President of DIKO, within days will meet with leaders of other opposition parties and expressed confidence that a clearer picture of the prospects of cooperation will soon emerge.

He stressed that “it is imperative that the alarmist has caused incredible and deep impasses in all those important areas that determine the course of the place and the people “and that, at the same time, a Government must be elected for the presidency & nbsp; with a progress program, “which will not only face the deadlocks but will open a new perspective for the place and the society”.


Source: www.philenews.com

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