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Stefanou requested the intervention of the PTA for the support of cattle breeders

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“The livestock sector is collapsing” and the President of the Republic himself must immediately and urgently take the initiative to address the problems of the sector and at the same time not to collapse the food chain in Cyprus, said AKEL General Secretary Stefanos Stefanou./b>

In statements after a meeting he had at the livestock unit of Pantelis Zannettos with other breeders in the livestock area of ​​Aradippou, Mr. Stefanou said that “this sector always faces problems and needs the care and assistance of the state.” He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

He added that “today we talked with the breeders and from them comes a voice, a cry of agony, the sector is lost and collapses and is not a figure of speech. We need the immediate, urgent and effective intervention of the state, so that the problems are addressed and the specific sector is kept alive and at the same time the food chain does not collapse and we get hungry in Cyprus “.

Mr. Stefanou said that what he says “is not a figure of speech, it is a reality. “In order for the state to be able to move, the Government needs to move immediately and in my perception the President of the Republic himself” said and noted that he will contact President Anastasiadis since, “he must intervene, move the threads, to move the competent Ministry and the competent Services in order to take immediate measures on the basis of a plan that addresses the pressing problems that exist “.

After saying that “it is not a matter of priorities”, the General Secretary of AKEL called on the Government “not to start costing and to say that there is no money and what to do. “Among the priorities, if the Government makes this prioritization, it can only put this sector that feeds the place” he said and added that “solutions need to be found immediately”.

He also noted that “the agrarian movement has specific proposals and the President of the Republic needs to take the initiative, to call on the agrarian organizations, to listen to them and to order measures to be taken here and now.” “We do not have the luxury of time, we are really lost,” he said.

Stefanos Stefanou also said that “the Government must also address Europe, since the day before yesterday the European Parliament urgently dealt with the issue of the agricultural – livestock sector and the food chain. “Europe highly values ​​these risks that we have in Cyprus and we should ask for European solidarity in practice in order to support these sectors.”

He also reiterated that “the proposals are very specific and without much discussion we should see how we implement them. AKEL will continue to help the agricultural world to help survive and develop the primary sector, which is more than necessary for the economy, society and our country. “

For his part, Panikos Hambas, General Secretary of EKA, said the Secretary General of AKEL “is at the forefront of defending all that he referred to, not only for the livestock world but for the entire Cypriot people. “Today we join our voice with the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and the Secretary General of AKEL that the main issue today on planet Earth is the survival of the Cypriot people in Cyprus,” he said, adding that “the Cypriot people will be hungry if they do not enter.” the issue of primary sector management is high on the agenda “.

That is why he continued “we suggest that the 36 thousand grains that the Government will bring from abroad be given, with a specific program, free of charge and directly from the port to the farmers in order to reduce their costs. Also because this year the dams will be over 95% full, free water should be given to all farmers and stockbreeders and those who can not get water from the southern pipeline, should be helped in a different way “that is, the state should subsidize the irrigation departments so that farmers and stockbreeders do not pay for the water they will use.

According to Mr. Hamba, through the Rural Development program, the veterinary services should be offered by the state free of charge, while he said that the PDO should be implemented and inspections should be carried out, since it seems that the Ministry of Commerce ” he did not carry out the required checks, leaving the stockbreeders exposed – who were essentially at their financial expense – but also the consumers who did not know what they were buying “. An opinion of the Attorney General clarified from 2006 that in order for the “halloumi” to be called PDO, it had to have specific percentages of milk, he said, saying that “they did not apply them”. “We are denouncing this fact and the President of the Republic must order an administrative investigation because they did not carry out the specific controls,” he said.

the industry is bankrupt, meaning that not all colleagues can survive not only their yards and animals but also their families. “Last week we made a peaceful protest during which we submitted our requests but without any response, while we did not have a response from the producer groups with whom we spoke.” He immediately asked for the support of the industry while he said that the most important problems “are open and there are too many”.

and Giannakis Gabriel, Member of Parliament for Famagusta of AKEL and Chairman of the Agriculture Committee of the Parliament.

Source: www.philenews.com

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