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Stefanou: The EU should support international law in the Middle East as it does for Ukraine

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Στεφανου: Η ΕΕ ν&alpha ; στηρΙξει διεθνΕς δΙκαιο στη Μ. Αν ατολor oπως κανει για Ουκρανλα

The need for the EU to demand the prevalence of international law not only with regard to the war in Ukraine but also in relation to the Middle East, stressed the General Secretary of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanou, in the context of the Forum “Europe for the Peoples” which co-organized in Brussels  by the Workers' Party of Belgium, the “Levica” Party of Slovenia, the Party of the European Left and AKEL, according to a relevant announcement.

As reported, the Forum was attended by parties from Europe, trade unionists, activists and scientists who discussed the socio-economic situation in the EU and the accuracy, issues concerning international developments and security, the effects of climate change and the energy transition.

Speaking yesterday in a discussion within the framework of the forum on the theme “Peace, Security and International Law”, Mr. Stefanou “referred to the ongoing Turkish occupation of Cyprus for 50 years as well as the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region, where Israel's genocide against the Palestinians and the war in Ukraine” is reported.

In particular, c. c. of AKEL underlined that “the European Left should intensify its struggles so that Europe becomes a geopolitical force that promotes peace, cooperation and stability, serving principles and values, with a foreign policy based on International Law and the Statute Charter of the United Nations, which has not happened in the last two decades since the EU is fully aligned with the policies of the US and NATO”.

Mr. Stefanou pointed out that this is happening in the case of Ukraine “where the EU, instead of contributing to the end of the conflict, takes decisions that incite it further”, while he pointed out that “while in the case of the war in Ukraine, the EU rightly demands the predominance of of international law, it does not do the same in the case of the genocide committed by Israel in Gaza, which will not stop unless the international community, including the EU, intervenes to implement the United Nations Resolutions”.

< p>As stated in the announcement, he pointed out “as a typical example of two measures and stations the fact that the EU imposed 13 sanctions packages on Russia, but in the case of Israel not one while it neither suspended the Association Agreement, nor banned arms trade with Israel “.

Similarly in the case of Turkey, he continued, “the EU shows enormous tolerance for the violation of the United Nations Resolutions concerning Cyprus, a member state that has been under Turkish occupation for fifty years”.

Such policies degrade the role and image of the EU in the modern world, concluded Mr Stefanou.

Source: www.philenews.com

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