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Stefanou: The PtD does not consider collective responsibilities necessary in Cyprus

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    Στεφανου: Δεν θ εωρεi αναγκαiες συλλογικeς ευθy&nu ;ες σε Κυπριακo ο ΠτΔ

    “If we do not claim the justice of Cyprus, no one else will do it for us”

    The non-convergence of the National Council by the President of the Republic means that he automatically assumes, entirely, the eresponsibility for the developments in the Cyprus issue, and that he does not consider it necessary to take responsibility collectively, said the CEO of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanou.

    Speaking, on Thursday night, at an event of honor for the fighter Ilias Kyriakides, organized by the Pan-Cypriot Association of Democratic Resistance, in Limassol, the General Secretary of AKEL said that if the aim of the 1974 coup was “not to surrender to fascism, today the point is not to surrender to the occupation, to the status quo, not to raise our hands waiting for the fatal, final partition”.

    “If we do not claim the justice of Cyprus, no one else will do it for us”, he said and noted that the solution “will not arise by itself” and that “we must be the first to act by taking effective initiatives” .

    And he warned that, if we wait for others to take initiatives, then “either we will be left with deadlock and division< /strong> will consolidate, or a third party will move and bring proposals that we most likely won't like”.

    In his speech, the General Secretary of AKEL said that, recently, President Christodoulidis “declared that he became a communicator of ideas from the Secretary General of the UN” and that he“makes statements about these ideas , noting that he's not going to make anything public.”

    That's right, he continued, the President doesn't want to make this conversation public, indicating, however, that “he didn't feel the need to inform the National Council”.. This, he said, means two things, “that he automatically and fully assumes responsibility for the developments and that he does not consider it necessary to take collective responsibility”.

    Declaring that the current situation in Cyprus is extremely critical, Stefanos Stefanou stated that “we are living the longest stalemate that has ever existed and this situation is being used by Turkey to strengthen the division on the ground”.

    He indicated that < strong>AKEL has submitted a complete proposalto the President of the Republic about how we can and should act, as the Greek Cypriot side and in general as the Republic of Cyprus and that “unfortunately the PtD didn't even bother to discuss this proposal with us“.

    Furthermore, he noted that the debt and duty of all, towards those who sacrificed, struggled, resisted and fought for the country, is multiplied today, “when we see the extreme right roaring again, returning to the political foreground once with all solemnity, m’ elections, with suits, with obscenities, with offices”.

    AKEL, he stressed, will not allow this and called on everyone to become “the force that will send the remnants of the Golden Dawn, the praisers of Griva, the apologists of the Junta and EOKA B' where they belong, in the past”.

    Finally, he stated that “we will remain the voice that will continue to fight for the future, based on the true historical experience” and that “we will continue to defend the historical truth”.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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