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Steps Ahead for Outstanding Warrants-Nearly 70,000 Executed in 2022

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Βorματα μπροσ&tau για τα ανεξoφλητα ενταλματα-Ε&kappa ;τελeστηκαν σχεδoν 70,000 το 2022

The members of the special ulama of the Police are fighting for the uncollected fine warrants, since thousands of millions of euros seem to be the outstanding debts owed by citizens, while at the same time a significant increase was observed in the execution of warrants by the members of the Force, since within one year there was an increase of approximately one million euros in collections. 

More specifically, for 2022, 69,789 fine warrants have been executed and the amount of 10 million 492 thousand Euros has been collected, while in 2021, 60,531 warrants have been executed and collections have reached 9 million 290 thousand Euros.  Essentially, within in one year, an increase of one million two hundred thousand euros in executions of warrants was observed. 

The owners of the warrants, as explained to REPORTER o senior police officer Andreas Angelidis, are the recorders of the Courts and the Police essentially have the responsibility of their execution. “It is noted that we have thirteen categories of warrants, which, for example, are social security, which is the largest amount recorded from the executions, as well as the Value Added Tax, but there are also private criminal and  traffic of course.”

Mr. Angelidis has taken over as coordinator of the executions, in October 2021, in order to actually have a more administrative control of the warrants and for this reason some efforts have been made recently to increase the executions and  collections, which is achieved.

“We are going to proceed with the implementation of a system, to speed up the process, which will show the various problems and thus the warrants will be computerized”, said Mr. Angelidis, while adding that the issue has not been resolved problem presented with the warrants, however as he pointed out, “we must note that it is being well managed, since we have increased our collections. Every citizen who owes certain amounts is good and it is his obligation to pay them off or with some arrangement, so that no problems arise, as according to the Law, either you pay the amount or there is an arrest as a result of imprisonment, which of course we try to manage”.

Instructions for police debtors 

At the same time, a total of 50 police officers appear to be owed outstanding warrants, a number that has decreased from a much higher number in the past. As Mr. Angelidis mentioned, “there are a number of our members who owe warrants in various categories and there are specific instructions from the Chief of Police to the Police Directors, to check them themselves and inform us. That is, every policeman who owes a warrant must be checked and his payment monitored, so that the debts are paid off. They are instructions to the Chief Constables, serving the affected members, to handle it personally. These Policemen are nearly fifty, whereas formerly they were much more numerous. The Police must also be correct and an example to the citizens, that is why there are specific instructions for their management”. 

In addition to the collections, the members of the special ulama of the Police proceeded and in other actions, such as the development of cooperation with the recorders of the Supreme Court, with the Social Insurances, as well as other Services, in order to put some situations on track, because as pointed out Mr. Angelidis, it is a chapter that does not stop. “Every day, new warrants come in. It is a live issue, which we must manage accordingly. Our priorities, however, are the old warrants. In addition, there is also an important issue for some debtors who cannot pay their amounts and since they are referred to the Legal Service, which is the only one that can give the approval for settlement, they can pay in installments, so as to repay their obligations”. to one million 738 thousand euros. They are warrants of companies that had either been deleted, or have been dissolved, or are in liquidation, for which the Police cannot proceed with their execution. 

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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