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Stewart: DiCarlo's visit is an important message from GC

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Στιούαρτ: Σημ αντικo μorνυμα απo ΓΓ η επiσκεψη Ντ ιΚαρλο

The visit of  Deputy Secretary General of the UN for Political and Peacekeeping Affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo is a very important message from the Secretary General of the international organization that he is very actively participating in the efforts being made for the Cyprus issue, said today the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Cyprus, Colin Stewart, after a midday meeting at the Presidential Palace with the President of the Republic, Nikos Christodoulidis, ahead of Mrs. DiCarlo's visit to the island next week.

For his part, in his statements after the meeting, the Government Spokesman, Constantinos Letympiotis, said that during the meeting, President Christodoulidis expressed his readiness for a joint meeting with Mrs. DiCarlo and the Turkish leader, Ersin Tatar , next week. Furthermore, as he mentioned, the President of the Republic reiterated his will for the immediate resumption of negotiations and developed to Mr. Stewart his proposal for more active involvement of the EU, in order to be able to break the deadlock in the Cyprus issue.

< p> In his statements, Mr. Stewart said that their meeting was very good and that he congratulated Mr. Christodoulidis, since this was their first official meeting after the installation ceremony of Mr. Christodoulidis after his election.

The UN diplomat also said that he expressed his condolences to President Christodoulides for the tragic death of the Cypriot youth during the railway collision in Greece.

He stated that the main objective of the meeting was to discuss the upcoming visit of Mrs. DiCarlo, noting that her visit to Cyprus is a very important message from the Secretary General that he is participating very actively in the efforts for the Cyprus problem.

Mr Stewart said Ms DiCarlo would meet with the two leaders as part of her visit to hear from them how they see the prospects for how to move forward.

He underlined that “the United Nations continues to be fully active in trying to find a way to move forward for a settlement in Cyprus and at the moment we are satisfied that a positive atmosphere has been created between the two leaders and that is something on which we very much want to build”.

He also said that he will meet with Mr. Tatar tomorrow Friday to prepare for Mrs. DiCarlo's visit.

Asked if there could be any expectations for something new from Ms. DiCarlo's visit, such as a new effort, Mr. Stewart said that "we are discussing things with both sides", while pointing out the fact that Mr. Christodoulidis has just assumed his duties.

«But yes we see possibilities maybe not during this visit, but certainly in the coming weeks we see a lot of possibilities for some positive developments,», he said.

Asked if Ms. DiCarlo planned to visit all three guarantor powers, Mr. Stewart replied: “Not on this trip”.

For his part, the Government Spokesperson said that her visit Mr. DiCarlo "sends the message that the UN places very high on its priorities the resumption of negotiations and breaking the deadlock".

He added that during the meeting, the President of the Republic reiterated his will for the immediate resumption of negotiations, noting that he "developed to Mr. Stewart his proposal for more active involvement of the EU, to be able to break the deadlock.

The Spokesperson said that President Christodoulidis reiterated his proposal for a social meeting, a dinner with Mr. Tatar and Mr. Stewart when he returns from Brussels and that at the same time he expressed his readiness for a joint meeting with Ms. DiCarlo Carlo and Mr. Tatar next week.

According to Mr. Letympiotis, the President of the Republic also explained to Mr. Stewart his proposal for the EU and the discussion he had with the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, who saw the President's proposal positively, always in the context of the UN.

Asked what Mr. Stewart's response was to the President of the Republic's proposal, Mr. Letympiotis said that "the UN sees it positively, it considers the EU as a partner that should be active in the course of the negotiations".

"He also sees positively the positive tone that the President of the Republic of Cyprus has set in his public statements since the day he took office, and they believe that he is cultivating the right climate for negotiations to resume", he mentioned.

Asked if the UN is asking for clarification on how our side means their presence in a new phase of the talks, the Representative said that "it is precisely about what the President of the Republic will have the opportunity to discuss with Mrs. DiCarlo on next week. Obviously, it is always under the auspices of the UN that the talks and negotiations will take place and the role of the EU should be supportive, he noted.

As KYPE is informed, Mrs. DiCarlo is expected in Cyprus on the evening of March 14. On March 15, in the morning, she will have a meeting, at the Presidential Palace, with President Christodoulidis and then with Mr. Tatar in the occupied territories. Cooperation on the issue of women's participation in the Cyprus negotiations.

During her stay in Cyprus, Mrs. DiCarlo will also meet with the members of the Investigative Committee on Missing Persons (DIA), while she will also visit Famagusta and the dead zone in Nicosia.

It is expected to depart from Cyprus on March 16.

Source: KYPE 

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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