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Storms and snow continue – Roads to Troodos closed

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ΣυνεχΙζονται ο ι καταιγλδες και τα χιoνια–Κλει στοΙ οι δρόμοι προς το Τρόοδος

Rains, storms and snow continue in the mountains, according to the Meteorological Service.

In a statement, the Police notes that the roads to Troodos are closed.< /p>

See the forecast: 

Weak low pressure is affecting the area, with low pressure expected from tomorrow night.

< p>Today, initially, locally increased clouds will be observed, which mainly in the west and north are expected to give local rains and isolated storms. Gradually the weather will become partly cloudy and locally mainly cloudy and isolated showers and possible isolated brief thunderstorm are expected. In the higher mountains, snow or sleet will fall. Winds will blow, initially mainly northwest to northeast, weak 3 and locally to moderate, 3 to 4 Beaufort, to gradually become, mainly westerly to northwest weak 3 Beaufort, in the western half moderate 4 Beaufort and in the southwest in the afternoon to strong 4 with 5 Beauforts. The sea will initially be slightly rough to become rough in the afternoon. The temperature will rise to around 16 degrees in the interior, on the southern and eastern coasts, around 18 on the rest of the coasts and around 5 degrees in the higher mountains.

Tonight, initially, locally increased clouds are expected to give isolated showers or even a thunderstorm, while later the weather will become cloudy with showers and localized thunderstorms, while in the mountains snow or sleet will fall. Winds will be mainly southwest to west light to moderate 3 to 4 Beaufort, later strong 5 and near the dawn hours locally very strong to strong 6 to 7 Beaufort. The sea will gradually become rough. The temperature will drop to around 6 degrees in the interior, around 9 on the coasts and around minus 1 degrees in the higher mountains.
On Sunday and Monday the weather will be cloudy with rain and local storms at intervals, while locally the effects may be prolonged and temporarily intense. Snow will fall in the mountains. Isolated rain or even a storm is expected on Tuesday.

The temperature will rise slightly on Sunday and gradually drop from Monday to be close to the average climatic values. The height of the snow in Troodos Square at the time the report was issued was 31 cm.

Morning update on the situation on the road network

Roads closed to Troodos

The following roads are closed to all vehicles due to accumulation of snow on the road surface and frost

  • Platron-Troodos
  • < li> Karvouna-Troodos

  • Prodromou-Troodos,

Open roads for vehicles with 4-wheel drive or equipped with anti-skid chains

    < li> Lazy – Prodromou
  • Pedoulas – Pinewood- Kakopetrias
  • Prodromou – Platron
  • Forerunner – Lemythou
  • Kykkou – Gerakion
  • Kakopetrias – Spilion – Kyperoundas

Roads open to all vehicles but slippery due to snow and frost

  • Kampou – Tsakkistras
  • Kykkou – Pedoulas
  • Kykkou – Stavrou tis Psokas
  • Kampou – Kato Pyrgou
  • Kakopetrias – Spilion
  • Palehori – Agro – Shoes
  • Kyperounda – Agro
  • Kyperoundas – Khantrion
  • Khantrion – Agro

In the rest of the areas and especially on the main road arteries, no problem is observed that seriously affects traffic.

It is pointed out that due to the prevailing winter conditions , the situation in the road network is changing. The public is urged, as before their journeys, to be informed about the condition of the roads through the announcements made public by the Police.

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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