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Story of three generations behind Melissos-“I reached the neighborhoods that were smooth”

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ΙστορΙα τριων &gamma ενιoν πiσω απo τον Μeλισσο-«Eφτασ&alpha ; τις γειτονιeς που orταν αλàνες» /></p>
<p><b>Most of the residents of Nicosia have tasted, at least once in their lives, the famous scent of Melissos in Agios Dometios… But what everyone may not know is that the name Melissos hides behind it a history of three generations.</b> </p>
<p>From the grandfather Hatzimelissos, the father Melissos and the son Melissos, who were not tavern keepers but well-known butchers who started their business in the occupied Agios Ermolaos, in Agios Dometios and until 22 years ago in Agios Pavlos. The beginning of their history reeks of old times, when Agios Dometios still had three residents, among them grandfather Hatzimelissos, who maintained his own farm with animals in the area, in order to offer delicious meat to his customers in Agios Ermolaos and in Agios Dometios.</p>
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