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Stressful…. two out of two in “Ammochostos”

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With Feria and Guerrero as scorers, Anorthosis won 2-0 against the fighting Othellos

Αγχωτικο.... δυο στα δυο στ ο «Αμμoχωστος»

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Anorthosis got an important away victory by beating Othellos 2-0 in “Ammochostos” in the 2nd match of the championship and paired their victories, making it two out of two. “Kyria” was better in the first half and took the lead in the 19th minute with an accurate penalty kick by Guerrero, while she had a goal post a minute earlier. Dokari also found a goal in the 73rd minute with Gassama, unable to make it 2-0 in the second half. Where Othellos was better, as he created and missed good chances, without managing to score. In the 88th minute, with an exemplary counter-attack, the Famagusta team reached 2-0, with Ferreira spotting the ball well. Thus, Anorthosis got an important “double”, with which it rises to six points, while the Athianou team remained at one point.

First half

In the first half in the first ten minutes the pace of the match was quite good with both teams trying to create phases, with Anorthosis holding more of the ball.

In the 7th minute, Gaiego's team threatened after a corner. , with Marmuk catching the header, but Taudoul fell and collected the ball.

One minute later, Othellos responded to the phase of Anorthosis, in the 8th minute, Souto entered the area from the side, made the place , but Arboleda correctly closed his corner and saved.

Anorthosis later went up and was looking for the goal. In the 16th minute, “Kyria” had a post after a corner, the ball hit Souto and stopped on the crossbar of the Toudul goal, while then Lipobe, in his attempt to chase the ball at the height of the area, found it with his hand, with Solomou whistling a foul and then the VAR changing the referee's decision for a penalty.

In the 19th minute, Guerrero with a well-timed penalty beat Toudoul and made it 1-0, putting the score in front his team.

Othellos tried to get a reaction but he didn't really succeed, with Anorthosis continuing to hold the ball and in the 31st minute he missed a huge opportunity, with Tehera's shot from outside the area, but Taudoul fell and kicked for a corner.

In the 34th minute, Anorthosis scored after a pass from Castel and Marmuk with a header from close range, but did not count the goal, as the ball went wide before the Spanish forward made the cross.

In the 35th minute, Othellos threatened for the first time after the goal he conceded with Souto from the right side to make the shot, but Arboleda collected.

In the 40th minute, Anorthosis missed a good chance to make it 2-0 with Garcia making the shot from outside the area, but Taudoul made another great save, keeping it 1-0.

In the 45+2' Othellos created another phase without worrying especially Arboledas, as Anang's shot ended up easily in the hands of the “Kyria” keeper.

Thus the first half ended 1-0 in favor of Anorthosis.

Second half

In the second half, Othellos came in better with the aim of quickly equalizing and chasing a profit from the game.

Anorthosis threatened in the 47th minute with a long shot by Castel, but Taudoul easily collected.

Then Othellos kept the ball and created opportunities, without managing to equalize, missing huge opportunities.

At 52', Garpozis' team threatened to execute a foul, but the ball went out. In the 53' with Christodoulou's shot, the ball was countered and went into a corner, while in the 54' he touched the equalizer, with Souto facing Arboleda, unable to beat the Colombian keeper. A minute later, Weslati missed a huge opportunity from the right side inside the area, he made the play, but the ball went wide.

Anorthosis later tried to keep the ball and balance the game, limiting the offensive efforts of Othellos, with the Athianou team threatening after an hour, specifically in the 70' with a long shot by Anang, which was neutralized by Arboleda.

Three minutes later “Kyria” made it 2-0, after a through ball, the ball countered, reached Gassama, he made the header, but Taudoul saved with the ball stopping on the post and then with a second attempt Othello's keeper collected.

Othellos opened up in the last minutes and missed a great opportunity to equalize in the 81st minute with a shot by Perez, but Arboleda made a great save, while in the next phase Stamoulis got a header after a corner, but the ball went wide.

Where Othellos was looking for an equaliser, Anorthosis reached 2-0 in the 88th minute with an exemplary counter-attack, with Ferreira spotting a spot-kick after a nice cross from Guerrero.

So Anorthosis took its second straight victory in the championship and climbed to six points, while Othellos suffered its first defeat of the year and remained on one point.


Othellos : Toudoul, Jansen, Nardini, Kyriakou, Christodoulou, Souto, Lipobe, Hasso, Mamadou, Anang, Weslati.

On the bench: Panagiotou, Stamoulis, Ramos, Katsiati, Kastanas, Garcia, Hatzipaschalis, Mitsis, Duris, Venizelou, Ioannou

Anorthosis: Arboleda, Wague, Garthia, Marmuk, Tehera, Castel, Guerrero, Ferreira, Waris, Correa, Ioannou

On the bench: Michael, Keraynos, Toune, Paroutis, Charalambous, Gassama, Antoniou, Giuliou, Chiko, Correa

Scorer:/19' Guerrero, 88' Ferreira

Referee: Dimitris Solomou
VAR: Photiou Konstantinos

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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