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STRONG Hungarian Foreign Minister: “Europe does not buy 'Russian' oil, but buys 'Indian' oil”

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ΕΝΤΟΝΟΣ ο Ογ ροΕΗρενρζι «ρωικ»πετρλαιλαγορζε ι «ινδικo»

“Before the sanctions, the export of Russian oil to India was 1%, now it is 40%,” says Hungarian Foreign Minister Mr. Peter Szijjarto in a Tik Tok speech, regarding the hypocritical attitude of the West towards Russia.< /strong>

“Europe does not buy “Russian” oil, but buys “Indian””, said the Foreign Minister on Tik Tok and goes on to characteristically give three examples of the reasons why the entire European Union and the entire Atlantic community are hypocritical on this the piece.

“I am a government official responsible for the construction of the new nuclear plant in Hungary. On nuclear issues, we are on the same track as the UK. Maybe not in the fact that we work with the Russians on this, but on nuclear we are on the same side.

In 2014 we signed a contract with Rosatom, which is a Russian nuclear energy company , to build a nuclear power plant for us. Now we are building the nuclear plant, (undertaking) the land preparation, everything is progressing. If I take you to the site tomorrow, you will see massive works being carried out, but you will also see American, German and French contractors working on the construction, who are being paid by the Russians to work there,” he notes.

Regarding sanctionsimposed by the EU on Russia after its attack on Ukraine, the Hungarian Foreign Minister comments: “We were constantly pressured not to work with the Russians on nuclear and not to buy nuclear fuel from them. That is, if we do not buy nuclear fuel from the Russians, we will have to shut down our nuclear plants for good. (And more specifically) The nuclear power plant, which now covers 33% of our electricity demand”. :

Ok, let's stop (under sanctions) buying nuclear fuel!

Who was the #1 supplier of uranium to the United States last year? Russia. The US spent more than $1 billion on Russian uranium last year. Russia was the No. 1 supplier of uranium to the US last year and they are pressuring us not to buy fuel from the Russians.”

The third – big – chapter he emphasizes in his speech concerns the issue of petroleum. Criticizing the decisions of Western Europeans, who proudly declare that they no longer procure Russian oil, he finds that the substitute “Indian” it actually comes from Russia!

“The distribution of Russian oil in India was less than 1% before the war. Now it's close to 40%. Before the war, Europe did not buy Indian oil.”

“Now Europe is the #1 customer of “Indian” oil. “Indian oil”? Ok! I guess those Europeans who buy it must be the ones who say they don't buy oil from Russia”, concludes Mr. Szijjarto.

See the statements of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry:< /p>


Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó exposes the western hypocrisy with Russia. #oil #west #india #russia #europe

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