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Students were left out of class after the leak of issues-Fire v. Min. Education

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The voices of the involved bodies in education are increasing, after the uproar caused by the leak of the New Greek essay topics, with a portion of senior high school students staying outside the classrooms, as they refused to sit for the exams. At the same time, parents and teachers called on the minister to suspend today's exam, without any result. 

After the first suspension of the examination, the students' organization, caught off guard, given that, as those directly affected, they were in the classrooms and did not have access to mobile phones to know the uproar that had been caused, contacted the Ministry of Education to request as postponing today's exam, however the Ministry decided to hold it with the substitute paper that had been prepared. 

However, the disruption caused by the interruption, since several students had almost completed the first part of the paper , before the invigilators interrupted them, was so loud that some students refused to re-enter the classrooms to be tested, others left and others even suffered panic attacks. 

As stated in a PSEM announcement, the case of leaking the subjects of the New Greek exams shortly before the start of the Quarterly Exams, “constitutes an unacceptable sad incident, which endangers the integrity of the exams. Once again the Ministry of Education is heavily exposed. While the exams had already started today at 10:30, they stopped the exam by their instructions by taking the students out of the classrooms, as the essay as they informed seems to have been leaked”.

PSEM's announcement adds that “we contacted the Ministry of Education and requested that today's exams be postponed, since this incident inevitably caused disruption, inconvenience and even more stress to all students. The Ministry of Education arbitrarily decided to leave the students in the classrooms and wait for another hour, until a new paper comes, so that the exam can resume at 11:30, burdening them with doubts, anxiety and more pressure. Many of our classmates, justifiably, decided after this unacceptable event to stay out of the classroom, refusing to participate in a fiasco process. As PSEM we warn that we will not  tolerate any attempt to target or punish these classmates”.

At the same time, the students note that “if the Ministry of Education knew about this specific incident before the exams began, then it is not only exposed but also dangerous. The responsibility for this decision rests with the Minister of Education himself, who continues to repeats itself, endangering the students' future. This specific incident is yet another example of how the four-month exams are a failed, anti-pedagogical process that victimizes the vast majority of students, negatively affecting not only their education but also their mental and emotional health”. < /p>

In conclusion, the students call on the Ministry to take responsibility, while reiterating their position that the four-month exams should be abolished. call on the Ministry of Education to provide immediate answers. Their position was that the examination should be suspended and rescheduled at a later date.

In the meantime, the teachers' organization has also been agitated, which is expected to convene at noon and take decisions.

It is recalled that from early in the morning, specifically at 6:00 a.m., messages began to be sent to students about the subjects of the written exam in Nicosia, and by 7:00 a.m., the subjects had also been leaked to Larnaca, without excluding the fact that all pan-Cypriot schools.

The organized bodies were informed around 9:20 in the morning, about the specific issue and immediately informed the Ministry of Education about their information. As informed by the Ministry of Education, immediate instructions had been given to look into the matter, however the text given to the students was the same as the one that was leaked.

Because of this, the texts were withdrawn, with the Ministry of Education to give instructions how to send a new letter to schools for all students. Despite the fact that the Ministry had given instructions for the writings to be withdrawn, the manipulations provoked reactions, with the agencies calling on the Ministry of Education to take responsibility.  

The Ministry of Education does not see any issues being leaked

However, after the uproar, the Ministry of Education came forward and gave its own answer on the matter, noting that an investigation has been launched. What caused an impression in his announcement is the fact that while all the agencies involved are talking about a leak, since everyone was aware of the issues, the Minister of Education states that it is not a leak of the exam topics themselves. 

< p>As stated in a relevant announcement of the Ministry, “with regard to the written evaluation of New Hellenic 3rd High School, which is scheduled for today, January 16, 2023,  after it was established that an electronic message had been circulated among male and female students, with allusions and general references to the examination essay for New Greeks of the 3rd Lyceum, it was decided to avoid any confusion, the examination should be conducted using the existing substitute examination essay”.

For this reason there will be a slight delay, but the examination will be conducted normally, it is emphasized. At the same time, the announcement notes that “an investigation has been launched in order to establish the culpability of this action, as well as the motives, as long as it is not a “leak” of the subjects of the examination themselves”.

Concluding, the Ministry of Education clarifies that “instructions have already been given to the school units to manage the issue. The Exams will be held as usual with an exam start time of 11:30 am”.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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