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Studies in telepathy, distance learning practice: A huge problem with the authenticity of degrees from universities of former Socialist countries

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Studies in telepathy, distance learning practice: A huge problem with the authenticity of degrees from universities of former Socialist countries

For a long time, we have been plagued by the huge problem of the authenticity of degrees from universities in former Socialist countries and the possibilities of control that are very limited. Typical is the case of two women (sisters from Belarus) who presented certificates from a university in their country for four years of practical training, without being able to prove that they had been in Belarus for four years. After years of proceedings, complaints, police investigations, etc., the Administrative Court, just last year, upheld their removal from the list of specialists (general practitioners), without being able to cancel the certificates of specialization, since the Belarusian University confirms that it is genuine. This, as reported by “P” sources of the Ministry. Education is a common problem due to widespread corruption. Even today, the two sisters continue to work as doctors in Cyprus, while there are doubts, not only about the specialty, but also about the authenticity of the medical degree they hold.

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The Medical Council of Cyprus (ISK) and the Police, following a complaint made by a woman's husband, conducted an investigation, which was completed, but due to procedural problems and legal complications, did not initially result in their removal from the registers and the revocation of the license to practice. Until that happened, the two ladies continued to practice medicine for years. He even appeared with the variegated title “Dr”, taking part in international medical conferences. One of them also appeared as a specialist in “bloodless surgery”, working at a well-known aesthetic institute in Nicosia. After hard work and perseverance and at the insistence of the estranged husband of one of the two women – “general practitioners”, the ISK, after hearing, had decided to remove the license to delete a profession and delete them from the registers, for a period of three years .

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Source: politis.com.cy

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