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Success Story: Xanthos Sarris, “Found” success!

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Success Story: Ξàνθος Σαρρorς, “Εyρηκε” τ&eta ν επιτυχiα!

When the imposing footballer and captain of Anorthosis in 1950, Xanthos Sarris, won the Cyprus Cup and Championship, few imagined his next conquests.

However, a few years later, in 1959, the now visionary and businessman Xanthos Sarris, adopting the famous phrase of Archimedes “Eureka, eureka!”, created the company EURIKA and began to conquer one business peak after another. Let's see more about this truly unique success story.

Success Story: Ξàνθος Σαρρorς “Εyρηκε” την επιτυχiα!

Ξάνθος Σαρρής

Early life

Xanthos Sarris was born in 1922 in Egypt to a Greek father and a Cypriot mother. When he was 12 years old, his family settled in Famagusta. Xanthos studied accounting and obtained the title of Chartered Accountant.

In 1946, at the age of just 24, he founded the first organized accounting office in Famagusta. At the same time, he was a track and field athlete and football player of his great love Anorthosis, in which he later served as president.

In 1943 he married Andriani Michailidou, with whom he had Kalliopi. After his separation, he met and married in 1952 in Famagusta Zaharoula Neofytou, with whom he lived the rest of his life. Zacharoula, as his steadfast companion and loved by all, provided the family stability that the visionary Xanthos needed to flourish. Together, they had 3 children, Nikos in 1954, Elena in 1956 and Alki in 1962, the next generation of EUREKA.

1959. The moment of “Eureka”

For the unstoppable Xanthos Sarris, the big moment came in 1959, with the establishment of EUREKA industry. With the important contribution of his brother-in-law, Christodoulos Neophytos, Xanthos created and utilized the great potential of a whitening product. “EUREKA super-whitener” begins its production in a small one-room facility! 1960 – 1970. The rapid development Very quickly, the one room gave way to the first chemical factory of EUREKA, which was built in 1960 in Famagusta.

Success Story: Ξàνθος Σαρρorς “Εyρηκε” την επιτυχiα!

At the same time, Xanthos Sarris establishes a second company in Greece, under the name EURIKA HELLAS. Iconic brands, which have become part of the home life of every Cypriot and Greek, are launched: EUREKA dishwashing liquid, AROXOL insecticide, FAMOZO window cleaners, TIK TAK toilet liquid and many more.

1967. “I believe” by Xantho Sarris

In 1967, decades before terms like “HR” and “inclusion” appeared, Xanthos Sarris created “I believe in Management”. A manifesto for the way the company operates, based on the values ​​of honest cooperation with employees and customers and respect for the consumer, which is, even today, the guide and compass of the EURIKA Group.

< strong>1970 – 1974. The expansion

At the beginning of the 70s, Xanthos Sarris spread his wings in other fields as well. Enters the food market, opening the SAFEWAY FOODS factory. CREMOLINA, his first product and first soft margarine produced in Cyprus, wins 30% of the local market.

1975. Destruction and rebirth

The period when Xanthos Sarris really showed his business metal and his iron determination was in 1974, when the Turkish invasion forced Eureka's family to immediately and completely abandon their factories in Famagusta and expel the company's workers from their homes them.

Success Story: Ξàνθοσ Σ αρρorς, “Εyρηκε” την επιτυχiα!

As a visionary leader, aware of the tragic reality, he reacted in a flash. Calling EURIKA's executives to a meeting in Larnaca via radio, he announced the reactivation of the company and asked for their support. Everyone responded to his call and just one month later, in September 1974, Xanthos rents a factory in Limassol and starts producing EUREKA basic products again, with primitive means, which keep them on the supermarket shelves.

With this immediate reaction, he managed to secure jobs and housing for the majority of EURIKA's refugee workers and continued the company's business activities. A year later, in 1975, the renaissance was completed, with the construction of the refugee, privately owned EURIKA factory in Limassol.

Success Story: Ξàνθος Σαρρorς “Εyρηκε” την επιτυχiα!

1976 – 1980. The development of the Group

In 1976, Xanthos Sarris together with his wife Zacharoula moved to Greece to give impetus to EURIKA HELLAS. In 1977, the operation of the new factory of EURIKA HELLAS began in the Industrial Area of ​​Volos, in modern production facilities. In 1978 the strong export activity begins. The first stop is the Arab countries and then exports expand and continue to Central and Eastern Europe.

1981. The End of a Capital

The great visionary Xanthos Sarris dies at the age of just 59, with his eldest son, Nikos, taking over the reins as CEO of the Greek company. Later, his other two children, Elena and Alkis, joined the Group.

The influence of the founder of EUREKA is difficult to capture in words. Xanthos Sarris drove the company forward with his convictions, while from the beginning his vision went beyond simple business ambitions, encompassing a deep commitment to innovation, integrity and social contribution.

Success Story: Ξàνθος Σαρς, “Εσ ;ηκε” την επιτυχiα!

The brilliant continuation

Xanthos Sarris “found” the way to success in his own, unique way. 65 years later, the EURIKA group continues its dynamic presence in Cyprus, Greece and Romania, with a multitude of leading brands, which offer a simpler and cleaner everyday life for consumers and their families.

The philosophy of Xantho Sarris resonates to this day in the corporate culture of EURIKA Group, having fostered an environment where creativity thrives, challenges are faced with resilience and success is measured not only in financial terms but also by the difference the company makes in our society.

Success Story: Ξàνθοσ Σα ρρorς, “Εyρηκε” την επιτυχiα!

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